Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Carson Fox: Hair Filagree at the Philadelphia Airport

My embroidery adventure started even before I left the country. My travel arrangements took me through the Philadelphia airport. I had to walk from one terminal to another, right past a fabulous installation by Carson Fox. I stopped dead in my tracks and then bee-lined for the large glass enclosure with her work.

It was all made from human hair. The statement read: HAIR FILAGREE. The artwork of Carson Fox is inspired by the Victorian-era tradition of making jewelry and ornamental objects from human hair. In the 18th and 19th century, it was common to give loved ones a lock of hair as a remembrance and token of affection. Fox has since monumentalized this art form by creating large-scale curtain-like hair sculptures. Each curtain is elaborately woven of very thin wire wrapped with hair.

The statement goes on with more details and with the artist’s educational background. Her work can be viewed on-line at her personal website: http://www.carsonfox.com/. She is represented by Claire Oliver Gallery in NYC.
I knew that the trip was going to be a good experience. Seeing this unexpected pleasure was like a very good omen.

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