Monday, October 09, 2006


On and off today I've tried to post more than one image from my recently altered book Mosaic. This one uploads perfectly. Others have come up sideways. I have no idea why.

I'm really thrilled with this work. I bought the perfectly fine novel at the Book Dispensary here in Columbia. How could I resist? This book will be part of the Archeologist Project with Janet Kozachek. The entire inspiration for this joint effort was based on her mosaics!

So, I removed about two-thirds of the pages and started to work. I even altered the cover. On the inside of the front jacket, I added my statement:

In creating this alterd book, I sought to focus on the individual words that are so like the tesserae used to make a mosaic. Alone, words do not relate a story and the colored tiles do not make a design. Yet, each is still quite beautiful and absolutely necessary to the whole. By viewing carefully selected words, readers and art enthusiasts will be reminded of the details in both the craftsmanship of mosaics and in the written word.

On the back jacket flap, I added my picture and brief biography that for John R. Maxim. Inside, I added my other altered books below the listing of his other novels. I added my name where his appeared. On the page where he dedicated his book to his wife, I wrote: "For Janet Kozachek...Whose mosaic inspired me." I left one page at the beginning and two pages (the entire last chapter) untouched. The remaining pages have only about nine words visible. The rest are blackened out with watercolors and gouche. Other colors and iridescence inks were added to make the edges quite pretty.

I hope to upload a few images. What I'd really like is to contact Mr. John R. Maxim and ask for his signature beside mine. Of course, I don't have the slightest idea how he will feel about his work being used to make my art! Many people think altering a book is somehow paramount to being sacrilegious. It is true, the book is no longer the same. Some artists totally obliterate the book upon which they work. Yet, Mr. John R. Maxim is alive and well and living in Hilton Head. I'll be in Hilton Head next weekend. I've found the address and telephone number on-line but no email address. I plan on calling but would like to let him know what the book looks like! He could check it out here without giving me his personal email.

Wish me luck!

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