Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dining With Friends

The weekend seemed to start on Thursday with Artista Vista and a red dot on one of my "In Boxes". One Friday I got a wonderful telephone call from a Buckeye friend who works at Garvin Designs. The company selected another one of the "In Boxes" for its office....WOW! That's also a line on my resume under "corporate collections"!

Saturday was "Art Day", a continuation of Artista Vista. We've never had so many browsers in the gallery during past "Art Days". There was a steady flow of people from 10 AM until 4:30 PM even though the official hours were only 11-3. I sold one of the Elements of Architecture embroideries.

From there, I went with Alex and Erica to the Dining With Friends Dessert Finale. It was a bit strange sitting in the back seat having my son's girlfriend at the wheel. A year ago, their first date had been to this charity party. Of course, Alex didn't remember this as some sort of teenage "anniversary"! Steve went to the USC Dance performance, a reprisal of some of the Martha Graham choreography as well as Serenade by Balanchine. This show was part of the USC's participation in the Columbia Festival of the Arts. I wish I could have gone. Steve said that much of the work was even better than earlier in the year...not surprising, more time seems more it showed! Steve joined us at Palmetto GBA for the rest of the Dining With Friends party.

During the party there was a presentation and photo-op. A plague had been made for the donation of my Triptych from the SC Aids Foundation to Palmetto GBA's permanent art collection. WOW! Another corporate collection line!

Yes, it's been a great weekend. Alex also finished the video on the altered platter/book of poetry. That platter looked great among the fifteen available for silent auction bidding. It had a bid of about $300, I think, though I never saw the final number. There were so many people to talk to and watch. One of the dinners had a 70s Afro and hippie garb theme. They all looked fantastic!

I've got to get to the studio. I think I need to create more IN BOXES again! I will finish the two commission pieces today and start new work thereafter!

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