Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mailing Invitations to the AUDUBON SHOW!

Last week I designed the invitation for our Audubon exhibit and had them printed at Kinkos. Alex stuffed the envelops. I hand addressed each one, including our return address. Yet, to assure that these invitation get more than a moment's notice, I provided unique stamps. Two stamps (10-cents and 24-cents) were the peel-and-stick sort from the post office. The remaining postage came from an estate auction. We purchased about $75 worth of uncancelled stamps from the late '50s and early '60s, mostly 4-cent stamps but some in other amounts. I had a blast doing this and thought it was quite an original idea.....however, I learned that there is a company that offers this sort of mailing idea for a price and that it is considered "very Martha Stewardish". I've never seen her on television...except on the news when she was in trouble for her stock dealings. Oh well, I bet the post office really loves me today. I doubt that the modern scanners can successfully deal with these pretty stamps! Alex dumped over 300 into the box yesterday in the late afternoon!

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