Monday, April 23, 2007

Melting Felt

Months ago I planned to show my newest burnt felt work for the annual spring arts event called Artista Vista. I created four in my on-going IN BOX series. I figured I could spare one for the McKissick Museum charity fund raiser. I thought that at $575 it wouldn't sell. It did.

Of course, Dana Blau bought another one. The nice lady that took one on approval also finalized the sale this weekend. She also bought the grouping of "Fragments" that I'd shown individually during the January show but later put together in one frame.

Basically, I've just come off my most successful selling week ever. With the four big stained glass pieces leading the way, I sold Strata II as a commission and ended the week with two more pieces going to happy homes.

Of course it was obvious that my Artista Vista plans had a flaw....I sold three out of four! So, this past week and weekend I've been working hard. I completed In Box XXIV, In Box XXV, and In Box XXVI.

Each piece in this series is created using previously painted WonderUnder on acrylic, craft felt. The individual "boxes" are all polyester/stretch velvet. I use mainly copper and gold heat-activated metallic foils and free motion everything together with 100% cotton thread. I put fragments of sheer, nylon scarves over the top to make the free motion work just slide over the piece. The final steps are done with the piece stapled to stretcher bars in order to avoid uneven shrinkage. This is when I use a soldering iron to poke holes and little lines. Finally, I use a heat gun on the reverse to melt away all the acrylic felt between the shapes. These final acts are done outside for ventilation!

This is the technique requested for my upcoming exhibit at Francis Marion. Thus, I still need more work....but my Artista Vista plan has been salvaged!

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