Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Strata V, Summer

Above is Strata V (Summer) and below is the detail shot. This is my least favorite of the four pieces. Yet, I was learning quite a lot. I've used water soluble fabric before but not extensively. This new product is quite interesting. It has an adhesive on the heavier, opaque side (which looks like interfacing or Solusheet/Vilene 541...which I already use). This new product might even be called "Aquabond" at www.thethreadstudio, except I also got a clear soluble to go over the top of all my threads and snippets. I bought the first piece while in California. I used it to make Strata II and tried to call the shop for more but wasn't successful. I did an Internet search. I was able to buy entire rolls...WHOLESALE from the NYC supplier. So, I'm now able to really experiment.

With the "spring" piece, I was attempting to be as "light" as possible with the placement of all the threads. I put in strips of very sheer chiffon (not the scarves...the fabric sold by the yard in shops). I was amazed by my results...I liked the back better than the, that's the way it appears.

With the "summer" piece, I was attempting to "sandwich" sequins and threads under a gold striped chiffon scarf. I put a piece of gold colored chiffon (by the yard stuff) behind the opaque, soluble fabric just before the free motion embroidery was done. I did very little machine stitching since I actually had two sheer layers of material. This piece, as a result, went very quickly...but I'm not wild about it.

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Debbi Baker said...

You might not be wild about it but I think it is gorgeous - I love the rich colours balanced with an overall feeling of delicacy! Debbi B