Sunday, June 29, 2008

Husband: Decision Portrait Series

(Click on image to enlarge. Husband. Words: I Loved Her for 45 Years...the Last 15 with MS. Xylene transfer on tea-stained muslin. Hand stitched. 24" x 18".)

The wonderful man in this image is my former insurance agent. He's recently retired but has seen my family through our business needs, personal needs, and a catastrophic house fire. His wife died about two years ago. The stitched background reads: In Sickness and In Health 'Til Death Do Us Part. Lots of people make these vows; lots of people keep them; but it is an important decision...especially under trying circumstances.

In order to explain this new series to potential participants, I've created a blog for it...a one-stop place with a conceptual statement, images, and a WISH LIST. (Title and/or words are flexible!) The wish list is below for anyone who might consider being pictured:

Title: Blood Donor. Stitched words: Saving lives one pint at a time. (Long time donor, please!)

Title: Overcoming Domestic Abuse. Stitched words: I pressed charges.

Title: Somebody Else's Miracle. Stitched words: I gave up a child for adoption.

Title: Graffiti Artist/Vandal. Stitched words: (symbol of the "tag")

Title: DUI. Stitched words: I made a mistake.

Title: Pro Choice. Stitched words: I wasn't ready for a baby

Title: Teenage Mother. Stitched words: I kept my baby

Title: Gang Member. Stitched words: I wear my colors

Title: Neo-Nazi. Stitched words: Master Race

Title: Living with AIDS. Stitched words: Didn't use a condom

Title: Public Servant. Stitched words: I ran for office (Must be a non-career politican! I have a lead on this one)

Title: College___(Freshman/sophomore/etc.) Stitched words: Never too late to learn (Must be someone over 70 or so who has returned to school)

Title: Dealing with Alzheimer's. Stitched words: I put my Mom/Dad in a home

Title: Homeless. Stitched words: No Fixed Address (This can't be someone with a mental disease but someone who choses to live this way!)

Title: Happy Family. Stitched words.....This one would include a same sex couple and their child with Mommy____(first name); Mommy____(first name); and name of child or Daddy____(first name); Daddy____(first name); and name of child

Title: Kidney Donor. Stitched words: I had two...but to share.

Title: Organic Farmer. Stitched words: No chemicals

Title: Rabbi. Stitched words: Waiting for the Messiah. (This one is "pending".)

Title: Patriot. Stiched words: ____(Rank); ____-____(Birth year to death year)...(I need a young man/woman unfortunately killed in the current war.)

Title: Tattoo Artist. Stitched words: Marked for life.

Title: Illegal Immigrant. Stitched words: I want the American Dream

Title: New Voters. Stitched words in front of three people: Republican, Democrat, Independent

Title: Runaway. Stitched words: I left home. (My son Alex...who's been gone since February doesn't qualify...believe it or not, a seventeen year old in South Carolina is allowed to leave...and there's nothing his/her parents can really do about it!)

Title: Athetist. Stitched words: There is no God.

Title: Death Wish. Stitched words: I attempted suicide.

Title: Shoplifter. Stitched words: It wasn't mine.

Title: Nun. Stitched words: Married to Christ.

Title: Monk. Stitched words: A Vow of Silence. (Or other wording depending on vows.)

Title: Prostitute. Stitched words: By the hour.

Title: 911 Operator. Stitched words: 24/7.

Title: Buddhist. Stitched words: Seeking enlightenment. (Prefer someone past the first vows of Refuge.)

(I'd like a Hindi and a Muslim...because I don't even know how to phrase these!)


Babytreese said...

What a wonderful idea for a project! I'm still reeling over your Blues Bible!

I would like to put my name on the list for College Student. I'm not 70+ but I will be 52 in August. I am so thrilled to be back in school! I am starting a new chapter in my life and it feels so good to be able to work toward a goal after so many years. I have 3wonderful children and have been someone's assistant since I was 16 yrs old...I did have a 12 yr break in there when I was in the is a thankless job and doesn't pay enough so when I graduate I want to become an English as a Second Language Teacher. OK...thanks for letting me share and good luck with your project! *blessings* Theresa

Anonymous said...

Wow - I reckon you might have trouble finding people who'd admit to some of these. I'm sort of elgible for one, but not sure I'd want my photo done!

Wanda said...

I had no idea there were so many! I think everyone in the world should have one made. Okay..that would be lots of work for you but still..I am honored to have mine done. And yes, it is personal, a personal truth about me. A life statement. A bearing of just one accomplishment, one thing that I did that set me on another path, one honest deed in my life. A DECISION that has touched those around me. The face is not important, the DECISION is what empowers and shares and loves.

Gail V said...
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Gail V said...

So sorry about your son, Susan. I hope you hear from him soon.

Unknown said...

This is quiet a project Susan, I love it! The idea is new and fascinating.