Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More Work from Westport Island, Maine!

The days are flying here on Westport Island and the work is coming along stitch by stitch. To be honest, I was both excited and nervous about the prospects of having so much time for art. It is a dream come true....but I really didn't know how I'd be able to handle it, emotionally, physically, mentally. problems! Having so much time really is my heart's desire!

With that, here's the next batch of work that's been recently completed!

(Click on image above to enlarge. Miniature In Box....the title is a "work in progress" as I haven't decided whether to just continue the numbers in the series or not. Approximately 12" x 9".

Next, the second miniature "In Box". Above is the full view. Below is the detail. Both images can be clicked upon for closer inspection. Also, approximately 12" x 9".

I've also completed two pieces in the new "Westport Island Series". Below are three images of Moss. I spent quite a bit of time investigating the moss in the area. I wish I knew more botany, but I don't. There seems to be "lichen" looking moss, a type that looks star shaped on the end, and lots of moss that resembles miniature ferns. I've used tyvek, hand stitching, and free motion machine embroidery on chiffon to mimic these kinds of moss.

Above: Westport Island Series: Moss. Approximately 12" x 9". Below, detail. Further below: angle shot taken to show the texture.

(Click on images to enlarge.)

Nearby to the MacNamara Foundation "barn" is a lovely cove. I've visited it on several afternoons to see the tide changing and to collect seashells. Of course, I only pick up the ones that already have holes. Above is Westport Island Series: Seashells. The background is an embellished fabric made of wool rovings, scrim, silk fibers, and chiffon. I also attached a layer of acrylic felt to the reverse for support. The seashells were stitched into place and the beads were added later. Below is a detail.

I'm happy to report that I'm now working on three pieces all at the same time! A digital file, model's release, and a few emails of correspondence has allowed me to begin on I Kept My Baby from the Decision Portrait Series. I also got confirmation and an image for Atheist! Both are now transferred. I also took ordinary crayons and a piece of tea-stained muslin to two of the local, family cemeteries in the area and did rubbings. After ironing the fabric, the coloring is heat set and a new art quilt is taking place. Words include: Lost at sea; Died; Patience (actually the deceased's first name), drowned, There is rest in Heaven, and Memory. This could be the start of "something" as I'm truly fascinated with how well kept and isolated these burial plots are. There's a sense of history, family, and eternal grace.

Also, I did the Bonnet Stitch for TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday). I didn't read all the messages closely. There is a chance this was a "bonus" stitch. Whatever! It's done. At hated it at first but finally grew to enjoy its possibilities.

Not everything has been "work, work work" or "stitch, stitch, stitch". Last Saturday I drove with on of the other artists to Union, Maine for the Come Springs quilt show. It was very interesting viewing the quilts with someone who, as a writer, was curious about everything. On the return trip, we stopped at Beth's Farm Market. My friend shot this photo of me with the longest ear of Indian corn in the place!

I've also taken scores of photographs. I won't try posting them all but directly below is the tidal marsh that backs the MacNamara Foundation property. It is peaceful and full of autumn colors.

The coastline is also amazing. I'm particularly inspired by the seaweed that flows like luxurious fibers adrift in the tidal current. The photo below really does seem to capture the world both above and below sealevel.


Doreen G said...

Lovely pieces Susan and all I can say is "THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT"---you know what I mean.
When I see Bonnet Stitch all I can think about is little soldiers marching along with their arms in the air.

Guzzisue said...

tried bonnet stitch on tuesday night but couldn't get it to work so will be having a second attempt at the weekend!! I like the shells with beads :-)

Jane said...

I liked bonnet stitch, surprised myself. I do like the moss piece, love the texture in it

Julie said...

Do you sleep at all?!! lol I love your moss piece and Seashells is wonderful. I absolutely love anything to do with the sea and there is so much detail in this beautiful piece.


How about some more photos of YOU YOU in your studio...and YOU in your Red Room...and stuff like that?!?! Would enjoy seeing YOU with your art work and YOU in your studio!! Because I love YOU!

Wanda said...

I just love the fact that we can all see the size of Decisions on your Design board. For some reason, I never really thought about how big (or small) they were. OK..I think I'm talking about a different post but, whatever. And the work you are doing there is incredible. And for those who don't know you...I will now become an amature botanist in your free when you needed to know a little learned how to speak it as well!!! And no Susan...I am NOT exaggerating!

Gabriela said...

Hi Susan,
all the work looks fantastic!
Thanks for sharing!