Sunday, August 30, 2009

Recycled Felt and recent trip to Washington, DC

(Above: Miniature In Box with Copper Beads. Click on image to enlarge. It was created on a substrata of recycled black felt. For a tutorial on the "In Box" series, click here.)

It is hard to believe that a week slipped by without a single moment to blog.....but it did! I've been busy....working and the midst of facilitating "week three" of Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way....and teaching fibers at Saluda Shoals Park. Lots has happened. I'm halfway through another Grave Rubbing Quilt (evening stitching) and have over a dozen sheer chiffon hangings stitched for my Epitaph Installation (studio stitching). Yet, I finished a miniature In Box Series piece especially for this blog post (above). Why? Well, it was created on recycled felt.

(Above: A pile of recycled felt on my studio floor....I put my flip flops in for scale! This is A LOT OF FELT! Click on image to enlarge.)

Believe it or not, kayaks and canoes are often shipped to their distributors wrapped in felt. Guy Jones owns the local shop, River Runner. He saves the felt for me. I picked up an entire, big box of it this week....much more than I can use in a year of stitching Grave Rubbing Quilts (I use the recycled felt as "batting".) This is simply TOO MUCH FOR ONE I'm giving most of it away.

(Above: A stack of approximately 25 pieces....18" by approximate 6 to 7 feet long!)

I roughly cut up almost all the felt into pieces. I'll mail five of them abroad and the rest to anyone making a request in the USA. All I ask is that those requesting this felt send a fiber postcard to Guy Jones at The River Runner, 905 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC 29201. By the way, Guy has no idea I'm doing this.....just send him a fiber postcard thanking him for his recycling effort! To request the felt, send me an email at that includes your name and mailing address. I'll write back and send the felt. This is the least I can do for Guy's generosity!

(Above: Scratch by fellow South Carolinian fiber artist Jocelyn Chateauvert at the Renwick Gallery in Washington, DC. Click on image to enlarge.)

Last weekend Steve and I made a quick, impromptu trip to Washington, DC. We went to an antiquarian book auction on Thursday night. Steve went on a 30-mile bike ride to Mt. Vernon on Friday....but sensibly I don't do things like that! Instead, I went to The Textile Museum to see the Amish Quilt Exhibit and Ann Duncan's (President Obama's mother) collection of Indonesian batiks; to the Renwick Gallery; and to the Sackler and Freer. I promised some photos of the experience. are a few. I wrote more about the trip and included other images HERE! These are just a few "highlights".

(Above: Renie Breskin Adams' Point of View. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Beth Lipman's Bancketje at the Renwick. Click on image to enlarge.)

(Above: Ann Duncan's Indonesia Batiks at the Textile Museum, August 2009. Click on image to enlarge.)


Angie in AZ said...

I'd be thrilled over some of that felt! If you have a drawing, make sure my name is thrown in there! And how fortunate for you to find someone willing to save and give all that felt to you! What a treat!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

My goodness Susan...what a nice thing you are doing! I don't need any felt, so won't be emailing you for some, but just wanted to comment on your generosity and what a treat it will be for your supplier to get surprises in the mail!

jafabrit said...

I loved visiting the Renwick a couple of months ago, and especially loved the glass banquet table.

What a treat to get recycled felt. enjoyed visiting your blog :)

Guzzisue said...

hi, I've dropped you an email :-) so please pop me in the draw :-)always looking to try something different !

Unknown said...

That felt is gorgeous Susan!

William Evertson said...

That miniature is exquisite!!


My last trip to DC was with you and I still get chills thinking about going through any gallery with you. Thank you!

arlee said...

The Susan, i would dearly like to get my hands on some of that felt if possible :}