Monday, November 09, 2009

Working Like Crazy!

(Above: Transported Soul, Grave Rubbing Art Quilt Series. 14" x 19 1/2". Crayon on silk collaged with vintage doily onto severely light damaged, recycled curtain. Vintage and buttons. Hand and free motion embroidered. Click on image to enlarge.)

I'm behind....pure and simple. With less than two weeks until my husband Steve and I pack up the rental truck and drive Blues Chapel to the Greater Denton Arts Council for my solo show, my "to do" list is incredibly long...and growing no matter how many items are ticked off! I haven't posted about our incredible trip to Oregon...the sand dunes, the rocky coast line, Crater Lake, the Oregon National Caves, and a night in a tree house. I promise; it's coming!

(Above: Transported Soul, Grave Rubbing Art Quilt Series. Detail. Click on image to enlarge.)

In the meantime, I have been working. The one thing that absolutely CANNOT be put onto the "back burner" is time to stitch every day! The only way to submit for juried shows, mount exhibitions, have gallery representation, and live as an "artist" is to continue MAKING MORE WORK. So, even when I can't find time to blog about it, I'm still up to my elbows in creativity.

(Above: Transported Soul, reverse. Click on image to enlarge.)

Recently I finished two small additions to the Grave Rubbing Art Quilts Series. The one above includes some of the beautiful, carnival glass like buttons purchased in the Czech Republic and some of the linen thread came from Mickey Smith formerly of Claremont, CA....whose granddaughter inherited her "stash" and passed most of it on to lucky me! The title was selected from the list complied for an earlier Grave Rubbing Quilt. Lee Monts, a talented painted, suggested it on Facebook. Thank you Lee!

(Above: Weep Not For Me, Grave Rubbing Art Quilt. 21 1/4" x 16 1/4". Crayon on silk collage with vintage linens and doily on a scrap of material acquired at a local household auction. Vintage and new buttons, including what might actually be "horn" from Austria and also "buckle" like plastic/celluloid notions. Hand and free motion embroidered. Click on image to enlarge.)

This piece includes several button-like embellishments purchased in Austria. I'm not sure, but the larger ones might actually be bone. They are not alike in size, texture or color. I'm also not sure what, exactly, the ones on the edges were intended to be. They resemble "buckles". If anyone know, please inform me!

(Above: Weep Not For Me, Grave Rubbing Art Quilt. Detail. Click on image to enlarge.)

One of the important things on which I'm putting "finishing touches" is a Power Point presentation about my work, working with a theme, and presentation as a driving creative force. I'm giving it in Denton on Saturday, November 21 at 2 PM. I've already been in contact with a few fiber enthusiasts from the area and am eager to meet them.....and anyone else!

(Above: Weep Not For Me, reverse. Click on image to enlarge.)

Even as the show in Texas grows closer, I'm acutely aware that my show in February at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios is also approaching....and fast! Thus, my Decision Portrait Series is sort of on "hold"....out of necessity....though I've recently transferred three new portraits to tea-stained muslin and am ALWAYS on the lookout for new decision on which to focus. I'll be returning to this work by February at the very latest. So, now, I'm working every day on the grave rubbing quilts, the installation if hanging epitaphs, the Angels in Mourning Series.....and still collecting artificial flowers from the dumpsters of local cemeteries (NEVER from the graves directly). Thank goodness I have a wonderfully understanding and supportive husband! Below is a photo of our guest bathroom earlier should have seen the mess on the living room floor where I dissected all these blossoms before laundering.


Aussie Jo said...

Gorgeous pieces Susan, I love the way you are using the buttons.
Good luck with it all, I'm sure you will get there, don't forget to enjoy the process; otherwise why be an artist?

Angie in AZ said...

love all the hand stitching.

And please, do tell ... what are you doing with all those flowers?

ewa-christine said...

Very nice!

The Gallery at DuPre said...

So glad you saved the title for this piece! It is wonderful. And thank you for the mention and link to my blog! Hope to see you soon.


WandarArt.Stitch said...

Hi, your works are beautiful, warm greetings, Wanda

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your success! I saw your piece in the Brush Art Gallery and thought it was wonderfully rich in texture and content.
I think those little "buckles" are probably used for things like chemise or slip straps, for very delicate things. They look great on your piece.