Friday, January 14, 2011

The Last Bouquet

(The Last Bouquet, a window installation at the old Tapp's Department store. Click on any image in this post to enlarge.)

I'm a little behind on my blogging, especially since Steve and I just returned from an unexpectedly long weekend in Arizona! (Our return was delayed by two days due to the recent storms!) I'll be "catching up" soon!

Before we left, however, I installed The Last Bouquet, another window installation in the old Tapp's Department store at the corner of Main and Blanding Streets here in Columbia. From November through December my Keys for the City was in the largest, corner my work is in one of the more intimate windows facing Blanding Street. I had a blast transforming this space, and I had help from the building's art coordinator, Brenda Schwarz Miller too. Brenda took several video clips.

Brenda's daughter Syna helped with the artificial flowers. I created a nice, two-minute video HERE.

It's nearly impossible to get good images during the day. There are too many reflections.

It looks so much better at night....sort of haunting and eternally beautiful. I put a sign in the window.....just enlarge the image below to read it!

The next photo shows the window from a further vantage illustrate how the side of the building looks to passing vehicles.


Christine said...

What an amazing window! It really is stunning by night, I hope visitors appreciate it. Another remarkable piece of work, thanks for sharing with us.
Christine in Sydney Australia

Wanda said...

I think the pictures of the window are awesome so I can imagine that it is unbelievable in real life! I like the way Decisions are on brick walls. How do you like them on windows? I never thought about art being hung on windows before. I heard Steve is in rest for the weary

Connie said...

Amazing concept! Love it. Is it still there?