Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend in Florida

(Sign on the grounds of the Atlantic Center for the Arts!)

My parents have a time share at Daytona Beach in Florida and we visited them there over the weekend. The beaches were wide. The water was a mix of the prettiest turquoise and blue colors with ripples of white capped waves. The moon was full and glorious. I didn't take that many photos except when visiting the Ponce de Leon lighthouse and a nearby restaurant with the funniest signs ever. I've posted these pictures on Flickr! (Click here to access!)

Of course I stitched in the car while traveling there and back. Yet, I also "worked" by visiting the Atlantic Center for the Arts and have brunch with the famous Mary McBride who curated Volusia: Wrapped in Fibers, a county-wide display of fiber arts juried from all over the world. On our return trip, we also stopped in Savannah to visit Bonaventura Cemetery and the downtown revolutionary war era City Cemetery. I collected several unique epitaphs, took photos, and got three grave rubbings on silk.

I'm back working in my studio ... and will have new work to post later!


Wanda said...

You are always working! Glad you had a nice visit. I absolutely love the sign!

Wanda said...

Just checked out your phtos on flickr...great stuff! I love the signs. The lighthouse is great and it's so good to get to see Steve. You look great...as always