Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New quilt and LINKS!

In my last blog post I mentioned the fabulous time with Denise Felton and Anne Weaver. Well ... the wonderfulness of it has simply continued to roll through great Internet pieces! Denise wrote an entry that still has my blushing. It is HERE. Anne also blogs for the statewide newspaper, the Democrat-Gazette. The on-line article ... with even more photos ... is HERE. Mere words cannot adequately express my thanks ... especially since both of them advertised the fact that I'll be back in the lobby of the Fordyce Bathhouse here in Hot Springs National Park next Saturday, August 27th, from 1 - 5, stitching for the public. If you're in this area, please come visit. I'm also participating in Hot Springs' "First Friday" art crawl, September 2 from 5 - 8. Both events are in the Fordyce Bathhouse.

(Above: National Landmark, 26 1/2" x 17". Fiber and paper collage, free motion machine and hand embroidery on a vintage guest towel with a crayon rubbing. Volunteer patch and metal badge. Click on image to enlarge.)

Since then, I've finished another small art quilt. This one is appropriately called National Landmark. The title words are actually a crayon-on-fabric rubbing from one of the signs outside the seven historic bathhouses. The center collage was created by ripping parts of all the brochures and paperwork I could find in the various buildings inside the park. Using previously painted WonderUnder (Bond-a-Web) and layers of chiffon scarves, I tried to give the impression of the stained glass dome and third floor ceiling in the Fordyce. I found the metal badge at the park's gift shop and I was given volunteer patches. Technically, I'm considered a "volunteer" for insurance and governmental reasons ... so I stitched my name on the larger of the two patches and stitched it onto the reverse.

I'm now working on a few "artist books" ... photos coming! Speaking of new photos ... please note the profile photo change. I needed a "high resolution" head shot for my upcoming March residency at The Studios of Key West. I didn't have one. This photo was taken using my tripod and a delayed shutter action while outside my little "ranger house" here in Hot Springs National Park. I even put on make-up!


Lynn Cohen said...

I visited both ladies sites and left my comments there. Wonderful photos of your work Susan. And lovely new photo of you too. I wish I was one of the ladies who got to sit and talk and laugh with you.

Anonymous said...

I love the sewing in public and your embroidery blows me away - not only have you produced acres of the most amazing and diverse art work in the time you've had there so far, but the joy in what you're doing emanates from every word! It's been a joy to read!

Julie said...

The new profile photo is great and well done for putting on make up:-) I have been to visit both of the sites you linked to and you are well deserving of their enthusiasm. I thoroughly enjoyed your previous post and as usual you are sparking my inspiration into life. I often have trouble bringing an inspirational source to a finished design. Seeing the link between your start point and the finished piece reminds me you can take a small part of an object or a shape and build a design round it. Probably obvious but sometimes I get bogged down or, maybe, scared to work with a shape or pattern. I had an art teacher who had a disparaging tone in her voice whenever she felt I was erring on the side of pattern. I realise now that was her problem and not mine.

Wanda said...

First of all...GREAT pictures! Nice make-up!! Did you have to borrow it? ha ha Second..great articles and well deserving. Next..National Landmark is gorgeous. I love how your creative juices are just flowing and floweing down there and It's been such a wonderful experience to read about it, step by step. Where you are getting ideas from, what is inspiring you, how you make it work. Absolutely awesome to go with you on this journey. Lastly...I laughed when I saw the pizza box! I had to wonder if you bought it just for the lettering or if you actually ate it! ha ha And I hope your mom sees that you have it there!! ha ha ha