Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last Words, solo show in Rocky Mount

(Above: Last Words, my solo show in Rocky Mount's Imperial Centre. Click on any image in this post for an enlargement.)

Steve and I drove up to Rocky Mount (roughly a four hour car trip ... one way) last Sunday for the Spring Exhibitions' public reception at the Maria V. Howard Art Center in the Imperial Centre. In addition to my solo show, Last Words, four other shows were honored. (The Imperial Center is gigantic. It was formerly a tobacco factory!)

I was a little nervous. Why? Well, this was the first time my work was curated on-site but without my input. Almost all my Grave Rubbing Art Quilt Series, the Angels in Mourning Series, the Dearly Departed Series, the chiffon banners, the artificial flowers, and The Book of the Dead were sent. I was told that the banners and the book would be placed in the center of the spacious room. Otherwise, I had no idea which of my works were to be included or what color the walls were to be painted. I had to go and see for myself!

As it turned out, only the art quilts (minus a few) were hung. (The entire body of work could easily have filled twice the space ... so curating was absolutely necessary.) The art quilts were thoughtfully arranged on lovely sage green walls and filled them nicely. Everything is perfectly labelled and beautifully lit.

An exhibition sign with my statement is posted at the wide entrance. A three-page gallery listing is available to the public as a hand-out too. (See photo above!)

Several people talked to me about my work. There were even a few, local fiber artist in attendance. Everything looks lovely ... and all the work stays on view through May 13th. It is a real honor to have my work in this gorgeous facility ... especially for such an extended time.

The photo above was taken right before we left. The reception was starting the wind down. We drove home happy!

The remainder of this blog post includes other images from the exhibition. Most of the photo were shot at 1 PM, right after the Art Center opened for the day ... an hour before the start of the reception. We went "early" just to snap these pictures ... before all the people came!

Please remember ... all these photos can be "clicked on" for an enlargement!


lynda Howells said...

WOW..you must be so proudxxwish l could see it. The images are beautifulxxxlynda

Nancy M. Chambers said...

This is a very impressive exhibition... Congratulations!!

Lynn Cohen said...

Lovely to see the banners hanging and I bet moving ever so slightly as the words are being read; the quilted grave stone rubbings hung beautifully showing off such meaningful last words. I think I would have shed tears if I was reading all theses wonderous art pieces accounting for all those lives once lived.

Susan, take a bow!

So glad it will be there so many months for many more to enjoy!

Julie said...

Congratulations Susan, it looks fabulous! It must have been very hard to pass everything to somebody else to hang but they've done a great job. The space is beautiful and sets off your work so well.

Barbara said...

just beautiful!!! So much work went into these. Love it all. Big hugs!!!

Judy Momenzadeh said...

I just want to ditto what everyone else said, fabulous work, wonderful space! Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

The way the chiffon banners hang is so ethereal and effective.

Martha Ginn said...

Susan, your works are charming and invoke so many inner thoughts by the use of the gravestone rubbings. The hanging filmy pieces are an interesting contrast and I know the writings would be interesting to read. Congratulations on this show. And what great company to be showing with!
Martha Ginn

Jeanne Marklin said...

Great space and exhibit. The curator did an excellent job of showing your work to it's best. Congratulations!