Thursday, June 28, 2012

78 RPM

(Above: 78 RPM, 3D found art assemblage. 45" x 20" x 20". Click on any image to enlarge.)

While my husband Steve is in England watching our elder son dance, I'm stuck here at Mouse House, running the shop but also working in my "home studio". I carved out this space last October for exactly times like this (but I didn't really start making anything until December!) There's no sense in piddling around or playing on the computer when not otherwise busy but unable to go to my normal studio ... a mile away at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios. So ... I have a "home studio". Also, this is the perfect place for work that requires all the hand tools needed for 3D found art assemblages. Mouse House already owns everything I need.

(78 RPM, detail. Click on any image to enlarge.)

Almost everything I use was purchased at Bill Mishoe's auction. Most of it needs a little TLC, a few screws, a tab of glue, and plenty of imagination. The little red table, the root beer box, and the doll chair were all rather dull but had the potential for great patina. I lightly sanded them and then applied thick orange shellac to the table and chair. For a contrast, the box was only treated to a thin coat of cherry stain.

(Above: 78 RPM, detail.)

Attaching the tonearm to the chair took a lot of work. The tone arm support isn't flat on the bottom. I drilled holes and sanded until it could be screwed in place. I also took apart "the sound box" ... which is the circular enclosure at the end of the tone arm. I wanted it to look like my skein of ecru pearl cotton thread was curled up inside and running out where the needle should be. There was a problem though! The hole for the needle doesn't go through to the inside ... but I was able to make it look as if it did.

(Above: 78 RPM, detail.)

The #3 skein of ecru peal cotton thread runs down the front of the piece and into an old red tea tin. I can also place this tin on the ledge of the table instead of the floor. The tiny quilt square under the chair is a scrap donated by a friend. It was made from strips of vintage men's silk ties. I put a piece of recycled black felt underneath and added the blanket stitching.

(Above and below: 78 RPM, details.)

Attached to the back of the chair is an interesting device. The front side (showing below) converts "inches to miles" and "centimeters to kilometers" using the tiny rolling wheel at the bottom. I don't know how this device actually works or what it is for ... but it seems totally operational. The back is a compass. It does not work. I'm very happy with this creation. There's something magical about combining fiber with parts and pieces from the past.

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Gayle said...

I love the sense of movement this has. I think I like your auction better than mine....