Thursday, June 07, 2012

A week since my last post ... Decision Portraits going to HOUSTON!

(Above: The forty Decision Portraits headed to Quilt, Inc.'s big INTERNATIONAL QUILT FESTIVAL in Houston, Texas this coming November! Click on image to enlarge.)

I can't believe that it's been an entire week since my last post. All I can say is: I've been busy and time slipped away! (I've also just completed a "secret" project for an upcoming, potentially traveling, exhibition called Women Who Broke All the Rules. My "model" is Nikki Hardin, founder and publisher of Skirt! Magazine. I've been told NOT to post images ... very curious but extremely exciting to be part of a national group of "big name" art quilters.)

So ... what else have I been up to? Well, I've been doing some paperwork ... forty pages of paperwork, front and back, plus information for labels. Why? Well, forty of my Decision Portraits have been curated into an exhibition headed to Quilt's Inc.'s gigantic INTERNATIONAL QUILT SHOW this coming November 1 - 4. I'm very excited. From everything I've read, this is a really, really big deal. Last year's show shattered former attendance records with 60,680 in attendance for the four day event. The show is the world's largest annual quilt show and sale. I am SO HONORED to have my work going to this venue and for the support Quilt's, Inc. has given to me.

I can't wait to go myself. Truthfully, I've never really been actively part of a quilt guild, gone to a big quilt show, or understand most of the ways in which the quilting world or even the "art quilting world" operate. I really don't know anybody either. So, this promises to be an eye-opening experience and a lot of fun ... especially the change to meet other people sharing their love of needle and thread.

So ... here's a list of the portraits that are making the trip:

Blood Donor
Cold Turkey
College Student
Dealing With Alzheimer's
Family Role Models
First Love
For Science
Husband II
Illegal Immigrant
Leukemia Decision
Living With HIV
Mother's Milk
On Fighting Cancer I
On Fighting Cancer II
Overcoming Childhood Sexual Abuse, Kristine
On Fighting Ovarian Cancer
Personal Appearances I
Public Servant
Pulling the Plug
Results of a Spinal Surgery Decision
Self Portrait
Sister Support
Soul Mates
Standing Up for Peace
State of the Economy
Tattoo Artist
Teenage Mother
Twenty-Five Years Sober

These portraits are currently being removed from their frames. They will hang like a regular quilt in Houston. My wonderful husband Steve is getting them all ready to be crated. Together, we decided it was time to distribute/store the rest of the 107 pieces. We are offering them to the participants at a really, really low price ... framed or unframed. If you are one of the participants and reading this message, you should receive a message within two days. If you don't but are interested in acquiring your piece, please leave a comment or email me at

This has been a wonderful adventure, a personal journey of healing, and a great experience sharing these portraits. Thank you to everyone involved ... and especially to those who continue to read my blog!


Julie said...

Your secret project sounds very exciting and it would be wonderful to see your quilt on display at Houston. You are getting the recognition you deserve. Enjoy!

Sue Reno said...

Congratulations! The quilt show in Houston is a Big Deal, a lot of fun, and an experience like no other. Don't worry about not knowing anyone; quilters are ├╝ber-friendly and you will find people to hang out with. I have work in some special exhibits and am considering making the trip- perhaps I'll see you there!

EmandaJ said...

How exciting! You will be overwhelmed by the fabulous quilts! It might just broaden your world!

Elizabeth said...

This is so awesome and will be a big turning point for you , I am sure!!!! Will have to start making a list of the wonderful folks you will meet and those that you should connect with at the show!!! I so wish that i could see all of these incredible pieces together. the Muslim piece that was part of the Fredericksburg show had a big impact on many people!! bravo to Steve for all of his help and support of you!!

lynda Howells said...

everything the others have said and morexxxxlynda

JoyAnnV said...

Thank you for including my sister. She deserves it!

Anne Larsen said...

Susan-- have your Decision Portraits appeared in book form? I had the impression I'd read that in an earlier blog, but can't find it ....
And congratulations on showing in Houston!

skye said...

Oh goodness!! You will be blown away by Houston! Such a monumental show & vendor experience.
I look forward to seeing your work in person.
Congratulations on all that is percolating for you. said...

yikes - 60,000 people!? Some of them are my local guildies up here in Canada! ; ) Congratulations Susan! That's so very exciting!!

Els said...

Wow interested in your latest (secret) work ....
Love all the portraits and I think a lot of people want their own portrait (I would want mine .... if you would have made it ;-) ....!)

Susan Lenz said...

Hi! There's a "book" but not a "published" one. I looked into self publishing. It is possible but it is also expensive for 107 portraits! It would also require hours upon hours of dedicated work learning how to operate the on-line software that makes self publishing possible. My husband and I are discussing the idea of totally revamping my Decision Portrait blog ... with the "pages" I've created for the "book" that I have ... which is just a series of individual pages including each portrait's photo and my "story" about each one. It has been printed three times at FedEx Office and spiral bound ... each one costing about $110. I want the information, the healing process, all the stories, and the entire adventure to be accessible and revamping the blog just might be the best, cheapest, and easier way. Obviously, I know how to blog already!

Anne Larsen said...

Susan- I have replied via FB message....

lindacreates said...

Susan, this is such a huge deal!!! Houston Quilt Show is my dream and I am so happy you are going and have your portraits in the show. I am honored to be one of the portraits that will be hanging. I expect to hear from a few friends that attend the show. I am interested in knowing the prices framed and unframedbplus shipping.

Congratulations! There is no stopping you now.

Wanda said...

OK, I am getting the idea that the Houston Quilt Show is a big deal. A REALLY big deal. And I also am SO happy that Decisions has been selected to be a part of it. I have always loved Decisions. I have said before that I think the whole world needs to look at these. A book is definitely an interesting idea. When I win the lottery, I'll be the first to help finance this. But in the mean time, I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to select which ones go to TX. I know that ALL are very close to your heart. Wow. And I'm going too. I am so honored. I am also honored to be going with such great people because, through your portraits, I feel I sort of know them. No, I don't sort of know..I DO know, in my heart. Susan, this is really something. Words like Awesome and Great just don't cut it probably but I'll say them anyway!