Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Almost Ready!

(Above: Key West Ocean. Unframed: 53" x 34 1/2". Painted canvas shapes stitched to turquoise painted canvas. Click on image to enlarge.)

Although I still have two pieces on which I'm stitching (the ones for the epoxy pour experiment!), I am finished with the work for my upcoming August show, Sun and Sand, at Frame of Mind on Columbia's Main Street. Yippee! The opening will be during "First Thursday" on August 2nd. I will be in Galesburg, Illinois at the beginning of an art residency. Steve will be "standing in for me" along with our elder son Mathias who will be visiting from England.

(Above: Key West Ocean, detail. Click on image to enlarge.)

What's left to do? I've got to write a press release and an article for a regional on-line arts publication, make labels, and create an inventory sheet. Shows during "First Thursday" here in Columbia are mostly publicizing using Facebook invitations but our arts community is rather strong because of on-line social media. Every month more and more people seem to show up and the exhibits, street performances, music, and vendors get better and better. I'm excited and proud to be part of it.

(Above: Key West Ocean, detail. Click on image to enlarge.)

The largest piece for this opportunity is Key West Ocean. I posted a photo taken outside with the framed work leaning up against the side of our house. It is cooler today than it has been ... a mere 90 degrees with 60% humidity! Sometimes I like to post larger pieces this way. There's a good sense of scale and obviously the colors are perfect in such natural, bright sunlight!

(Above: Key West I. Unframed: 16" x 16". Framed 24 3/4" x 24 3/4". Click on image to enlarge.)

The last three pieces, Key West I - III, were made using the same brightly painted shapes of canvas stitched on to squares of the same brightly painted canvas (instead of turquoise painted canvas). Also, I stitches lines of metallic thread across the background canvas before adding the shapes. I guess this is just a variation on the theme. They are also presented differently ... matted and in frames. The frames were made from more of the Decision Portrait Series frames that we are taking apart. I love recycling!

(Above: Steve closing up Key West I - III in our back assemblage room at Mouse House, our business.)

For scale, here's my husband Steve finishing up these last three pieces. I'm almost ready for the show!

(Above: Key West II. Below Key West III. Click on either image to enlarge.)


Anonymous said...

Key West Ocean - WOW! I love it.


I love these pieces! I love the colors! Beautiful!

Wanda said...

These are awesome! Thanks Steve for being the measuring stick. At first I thought these pictures were wall-sized! Really great pieces.