Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Things That Go Bump in the Night

(Above: Exhibition Postcard for this year's "Day of the Dead" exhibition at Vision Gallery in Chandler, Arizona.)

I wish I could attend this year's October exhibition at Vision Gallery in Chandler, Arizona.  It is called Things that Go Bump in the Night.  Last year's "Day of the Dead" art show included Last Words, my solo show of grave rubbing art quilts, epitaph banners, and artificial flowers collected from cemetery dumpsters.  (To view a blog post of this show, CLICK HERE.)  Steve and I went.  This year, however, I submitted my "Tiny Tina" series of photographs and The Book of the Dead.  I was thrilled to have all the photos (12 framed and the remaining 23 matted & shrink wrapped) accepted along with the book.  It was also exciting to know that the staff at Vision Gallery was reading my blog, seeing my epoxy experiment, and wanted Bat in a Box too ... which I hadn't even submitted!  So ... all these works are currently in Arizona awaiting the October 5 opening and especially the October 19th opening reception.

(Above:  The back of the postcard invitation ... including in the most upper, right-hand corner ... one of my "Tiny Tina" doll photos.)

(Above: All 35 images in the "Tiny Tina Series".)

I'm particularly happy about these photos being accepted into an exhibition.  It is really the first time I've ever displayed my photographs ... going "out on a limb" ... calling myself a photographer!  The label on the reverse of every one of these pictures reads:
“My name is Talky Tina and you’ll be sorry!”

In November 1963 the popular television show, The Twilight Zone, aired "Living Doll", an episode in which a wind-up, talking doll was featured and eventually caused the death of the overbearing father.  Since then, people exposed to this scary program have rarely seen dolls as innocent play toys but as a "thing that goes bump in the night". 
“Living Doll” was episode 126.  It aired on November 1, 1963 during season five.  It was directed by Richard C. Sarafian, written by  Jerry Sohl (credited to Charles Beaumont), and included an original score by Bernard Herrmann.  The stars included: Telly Savalas as Erich Streator; Mary LaRoche as Annabelle Streator; Tracy Stratford as Christie Streator; and June Foray’s voice for Talky Tina.    
(PS  This is the first time I've tried using the new Blogger interface.  I think I hate it but supposedly the old interface is "going away ... somewhere into cyber space ... and I have to learn this new system.  I hope this looks alright and reads well.)


Julie said...

The new interface looks fine Susan. Congratulations on your continuing success :-) I have to confess to a frisson of apprehension when I clicked on the doll collage and enlarged it and all those faces leapt in front of me. Brrrr!

Lynn Cohen said...

How very exciting...all of it especially having them asking for a piece of art that you had not even submitted! So cool. I am happy for you. Would love to see the photos am sure they are great. Everything you touch is great! Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanda said...

Oh, I guess you are NOT going to Chandler. Maybe Steve can find good tickets for a weekend though. Wouldn't that be nice!? Your dolls are....creepy. ARe they supposed to be? I never was one for dolls though so maybe I don't get it. Of course, there are people that think clowns go bump in the night so why not creepy dolls? If I am seeing this all wrong, I am sorry. I would like to know what made you do this? Do YOU think dolls go bump in the night?