Thursday, June 20, 2013

Waiting for over-sized mat board

(Above:  Stained Glass LX and LXI hung over the handle of my small dry mount press ... waiting for over-sized mat board.  Click on either image in this post to enlarge.)

About a month ago I learned that my "In Box" and "Faux Stained Glass" series were accepted into the very prestigious, annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show this coming November.  I was elated and am now in the process of making lots and lots of work for my 10' x 10' booth.

The day I applied for this opportunity was the same one during which I also applied for The Washington Craft Show.  To be perfectly honest, I thought my odds were stronger for the show in DC than in Philly ... but ... I didn't get into DC.  I did, however, get "wait listed".  I thought that would be the end of it ... until Monday.  THEY'VE OFFERED ME A SPOT!  Of course I said "YES".  Now, I've got two really big, retail shows coming up ... back-to-back, November 1 - 3 and November 7 - 10.  I can safely say that many upcoming blog posts will be featuring new work from these two series.

My last blog post featured several photos of Stained Glass LXI in process.  I promised finished photos "soon" ... but this will now have to wait until next week because I forgot to order over-sized mat board.  The two pieces are now hanging over the handle of my small dry mount press waiting for the framing materials to arrive.  We've ordered plenty ... since I'll be making plenty of new work! 

(Above:  Jeana and I in the garage melting holes into Stained Glass XLI.)

In the meantime, I've got a new studio assistant!  Jeana used to work at Mouse House.  It is great to be catching up with her ... even though our conversations have been through the ventilator masks we are wearing during the melting process.  Yet, Jeana is also ironing WonderUnder (Bond-a-Web) on the back of my entire stash of polyester stretch velvet.  I'll likely be needing it all ... so this is very, very welcome help!  Thank you Jeana!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations - sounds like you're going to be seriously busy!

Anonymous said...

Quanto trabalho pela frente, não é?
Boa sorte e mais sucesso!
Um abraço!

Els said...

Ha, an assistant is great !!!

Wanda said...

I'm thrilled that you have a good assistant. Wow what an opportunity for you both! I love how the stained glass pieces look sort of's sort of like a whole different dimension to them!