Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last Artwork in 2015

(Above:  Top section of Large Stained Glass LXXI. Unframed:  57" x 17"; framed: 63" x 23". Inventory # 3607. $1200 plus tax and shipping.  Click on any image in this blog post for an enlargement.)

Happy New Year's Eve!

I've always used the last days of a year to review the past twelve months and to contemplate the coming twelve.  This year is no different ... and yet it is.  Like last year and the year before, I am happy with what recently unfolded but eager to make significant changes in the future.  During 2015 I made several hundred tagged keys for an installation at the Festival of Quilts in England.  Every time I add to this ongoing project, I am reminded that the abstract noun I want most in life is RESPECT.  (Please hum Eartha Franklin's 1967 hit R-E-S-P-E-C-T ... and ... if you aren't familiar with this song ... for some completely unknown reason ... CLICK HERE.  Written by Otis Redding ... and I'll admit that I'd never heard it until Steve introduced me to the Top 40s of the 1960s while we dated during college ... late 1970s ... and he is STILL listening to all of them! LOL!)  

 (Above:  Large Stained Glass LXXI.)

Anyway, it is high time for some changes in my artistic life.  I seem to have hit a plateau.  What do I mean by that?  Well, I enter national juried exhibitions, submit solo show proposals to small venues, enjoy gallery representation, sell some pieces, and ... by most other people's account ... "have made it" as an artist.  Yet, I've been doing this for a couple years.  That's a plateau.  Sure, each acceptance, every exhibition, and each sale is validation, an emotional "high", and what I hope to continue doing ... but ... I want more.  (Please note, it is really hard/embarrassing/scary to admit this.  Part of me thinks I ought to be satisfied with the successes I've enjoyed.  Part of me, however, isn't satisfied ... almost greedy/arrogant/hungry for more.) 

 (Above:  Detail of Large Stained Glass LXXI.)

I want to think and work bigger ... and more in depth.  I want to spend all my time exploring creative ideas.  I want to concentrate on significant art work.  Most of all, I want RESPECT ... most likely my own.  I don't know exactly how to accomplish any of these goals but I do know that continuing along the successful path on which I've been operating will only result in "more of the same".  While it is "good", it is not enough.  Thus, I am in the process of changing my future.  Change will come in small doses, but it will come.

 (Above:  Detail of Large Stained Glass LXXI.)

I am writing this as a blog post with the hopes to make a noticeable comparison between NOW and "a year from now".  I've always set New Year's resolutions with a built in accountability factor. Twice this meant scheduling local solo shows for work that only existed in my mind.  This year, I plan to change the way I work, my very schedule and the location in which I operate.  With luck and good planning, I might find myself busier, happier, more excited, and working in productive ways with the respect I want most ... my own. 

 (Above:  Detail of  Large Stained Glass LXXI.)

In the meantime, this is the last piece finished during 2015 ... a good year ... a great year ... in fact, an awesome year but one I hope pales in comparison to 2016.

I am linking this post to Nina-Marie's "Off the Wall Fridays", a site for sharing fiber artwork. 


Debbie Langsam said...

They look wonderful (no surprise!). What a year of accomplishment for you...wishing you even more good things for the New Year.

Merrie Star said...

Happy New Year Susan! I read your blog religiously but do not often comment. You will never be able to gauge your powerful influence on other artists or folks who just love your work and your varied sources of inspiration. You do that every time you write about and generously share your journey, your work processes, your happy accidents and your excellent photographs of final creations.

I just also wanted to express how much I enjoyed your TED talk which was not only extremely well done and entertaining, but goes to the very heart of your creative process. It was very moving for me personally.
Thank you.

Wanda said...

I agree with Merrie Star, you will never know what influence you have on people, how you affect other artists, who you touch along the way. BUT I know the decision you made for yourself concerning 2016 is made for YOU and that YOU need to do it. I know you will figure out how to do it. Oh, it probably won't be an easy thing but you will search yourself, your surroundings and your heart and find the way. You are NOT being greedy or arrogant. Being "hungry" is a good thing. I also think that Playa changed you. wake up and know what you want. Well, not necessarily what you want but know that you want something more or something different or something you don't have. That's incredible in itself.

Linda Laird said...

Go, girl, go!! You are allowed to want what you want--greed takes away what others want--there is no limit to what the desire to excel can achieve.

Best Wishes for creative energy in the New Year!

Linda Laird