Sunday, September 17, 2017

Art reception at Waterworks Visual Arts Center in Salisbury, NC

 (Above:  In Stitches, my solo show at Waterworks Visual Arts Center, a regional museum in Salisbury, NC through January 3, 2018.)

Friday was a busy, busy day.  After installing Threads: Gathering My Thoughts at the South Carolina State Library (blog post HERE), Steve and I drove to Salisbury, North Carolina for the art reception at Waterworks Visual Arts Center.  This regional museum hosts really great exhibitions.

Right this very moment, my work hangs in a space beside a retrospective of Ben Martin's photos.  Ben Martin's images are iconic.  He died this past February but his work will live on forever ... images like Richard M. Nixon’s haggard 5 o’clock shadow, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s march to Montgomery, Ala., and John F. Kennedy’s grieving widow and children.  These evocative images defined the 1960s.  I am humbled to be showing work in the same space.

 (Above:  Two ladies closely inspecting my installation, Celestial Orbs.)

I am also indebted to CMFA (Columbia Music Festival Association) for providing temporary wall space all summer long.  The opportunity to stand back and gauge size, number, and spacing for a 24' wall filled with fiber orbs and a giant comet made the back wall of my show possible!  THANK YOU, John Whitehead, the CMFA board, and all those who went to see this installation-in-progress.

The art reception was very, very well attended and included time for an "artist's talk".  I was able to thank so many people but also had the time to speak about my materials, inspirations, and my general approach to making art.

So many people were really interested in polyester stretch velvet ... and couldn't believe that pouring epoxy over it created such vibrancy and sheen.

The entire show looks just wonderful and is hung perfectly.  This was one of the rare occasions that I didn't have to do this work.  I provided sketches of the wall placement  ... and it was done PERFECTLY!  Thank you, Waterworks Visual Arts Center.

In addition to my solo show and the Ben Martin's retrospective, Carolyn Ford's work hung in another gallery across the hallway.  This was the space in which a selection of my Decision Portraits hung almost six years ago.  (CLICK HERE to see that exhibit.)

Carolyn Ford is a tenured associate art professor and head of the art department at Limestone College in Gaffney, South Carolina.  Her work is wonderful!

The reception was wonderful too.  This is Carolyn and me with Salisbury's major, Karen Alexander.

All this was possible because Executive Director Anne Scott Alexander it GREAT ... and even knew to position us beside the Wells Fargo logo, sponsor for these three solo shows!  THANK YOU, Anne Scott ... you've taught me so much.  I will be eternally grateful!

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