Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Freiheit X, XI, XII, and XIII

 (Above:  Me with Freiheit X, XI, XII, and XIII. Click on any image to enlarge.)

Since December 2005, the four square frames against the yellow painted wall have hung with embroideries stitched in response to my very first art residency.  They are still very nice and maybe one day they will find a permanent home; but in the meantime, it was time for new work and my new Freiheit series seemed like a perfect replacement. 

(Above  Freiheit X.  Framed:  20" x 20"; unframed: 16" x 16".  Polyester stretch velvet and metallic foil with self-guided, free-motion stitching and covered in two layers of epoxy.)

Over the past two weeks, I created these four pieces.  Today, they went into the frames and hung back on the same wall.

 (Above:  The temporary set-up for photographing the four pieces.)

Today I also tried a new approach to photographing the work.  Black curtains were hung on my installation of doors and two large pieces of 96" x 48" foam-centered board blocked any direct light from the outside world without totally darkening the room. A black wind breaker jacket was wrapped around the tripod and I covered myself in the black velvet cape I usually wear to evening performances.  This set-up seemed to work!  There is still a hint of reflection, indicating the epoxy surface, but without the glare or a discernible objects that happen to be in front of the work.

 (Above:  Freiheit XIII, detail.)

The detail shots are particularly nice!  I'm pleased!  Below are the other pieces and also another picture for my Anonymous Ancestors installation.  I just can't help rescuing old photos of forgotten people even though I don't have another solo show scheduled after the current one at the Gadsden Museum of Art comes down late next month.  As an artist, it's my job to CREATE even when it doesn't make sense! LOL!

 (Above:  Freiheit XI.)

 (Above:  Freiheit XII.)

 (Above:  Freiheit XIII.)

(Above:  Wall of Ancestors, Life Kept Me Down.  16" x 13". Vintage frame with convex glass and antique photo altered with letters clipped from vintage ephemera.)

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Ann Scott said...

Great. You and your work are inspiring!