Monday, January 24, 2022

Mandala CVIII

(Above:  Found Object Mandala CVIII and me!  Click on any image to enlarge.)

Mandala CVIII is, to date, the largest in this series. I'm really pleased with it!  I'm also in debt to several people who have donated to my stash ... including my friend Flavia Lovatelli who gave me the ring of yarn samples.  That colorful ring inspired this piece.

(Above: Mandala CVIII. Custom framed: 40" x 40" when hung as a square; 57" x 57" when hung as a diamond. Found objects hand-stitched to a section of an old quilt. Found objects include: a fly wheel; two sizes of coffee K-pods; wavy hair curlers; green, purple, and orange plastic lids; a ring of yarn samples from a closed shop once located in California; expired medical devices in clear/blue plastic containers; aluminum brioche molds; keys; twenty, green, toy tractors; tennis balls that were cut in half; brown, ice cream container lids; and buttons.)
For the most part, I design these pieces according to the things I already have in my stash.  This piece was a bit different.  I imagined things I didn't have.  So, I'm in debt to my husband Steve who ate all the ice cream.  I needed the brown lids.  We also had to drink more grapefruit juice ... because originally I only had seven, green lids.  I needed eight.  Two friends provided tennis balls ... because I really wanted them in the corners but have never played tennis.  Many others donated to my stash.  THANK YOU!
(Above:  The old quilt used for this mandala's base.)

When I got the ring of yarn samples, I wasn't sure what old quilt would work as a foundation. Amazingly, this quilt was perfect. It came from Bill Mishoe's auction. It was one of several old quilts in a stack that brought next to no money at all.  Frankly, I thought I'd never use this one.  Seriously, the spots of red are too haphazard.  The pale green squares in the sashing looked totally wrong.  Yet, the ring of yarn samples looked better on this quilt than on any other one I own.  Who would have guessed?

(Above:  Mandala CVIII, detail.)

There are twenty, green toy tractors on this piece.  I've had them for months.  I never thought they'd work for a mandala.  They simply wouldn't lay flat on their sides. Sitting upright, they seemed "too tall".  Yet, the height of the yarn samples is actually taller than the tractors.  Who would have guessed?  

(Above:  Mandala CVIII, detail.)

I'm especially pleased with this piece and sort of imagining it in my booth at the Smithsonian Craft Show, April 20 - 24.  In my mind, it is my "show stopper".  Of course, there are several weeks before this opportunity.  For all I know, I might stitch something that I like even better!  I hope so!



Margaret said...

Remarkable!! As a knitter who used to hang around when the Sales Rep from whatever yarn company used to visit the shop at which I worked part-time, I've never seen yarn samples on a ring. Wow!

I'm sure that Steve found the "ice cream assignment" so very stressful... ;-)

And the size! I'm only 61 1/2"'s huge! Another "Wow!"

Catherine - Mixed Media Artist said...

catching up on your creativity and just wow, all of the posts...and all of the mandalas!