Friday, May 20, 2022

Installation in Seattle

(Above:  The Triptych, my artwork installed someplace in Seattle!)

I blogged about this commission a couple months ago.  I didn't have a decent picture though.  I couldn't capture this triptych while it was here in South Carolina because I seriously don't have a wall large enough on which to hang it ... at least not a wall from which I can stand back far enough to take a decent photo.  Now, however, I've got this great image!  It was sent to me from Seattle!  That's where the piece went.  I'm so excited to see it on the wall!

(Above:  Capitals on Blue and Tan installed in Seattle.)

Yet, the giant triptych wasn't the only thing that went to Seattle.  In another crate, Capitals on Blue and Tan went too.  I blogged about them HERE.  Like the triptych, I really couldn't get a decent image of these two pieces either.  Between the glare off the UV filtering epoxy and my lack of location, I really could only imagine how they would look when installed.  Now, I know! 

I'm honestly not sure where in Seattle these pieces are now hung but I'm so proud that they are there.  It was a wonderful experience to work with a professional arts consultancy.  I hope they seek me out again!



Ann Scott said...

It is great to see these pieces hung. Isn't it a good feeling to know your work in being enjoyed and admired by others. Congratulations!

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Margaret said...

How wonderful to see those fabulous pieces in situ!