Wednesday, January 25, 2023

A New Size! Large Lancet Windows

(Above:  Large Lancet Windows I through IV.  Framed with Crystal Clear/anti-reflective, UV glass:  50" x 20". Layers of polyester stretch velvet on recycled, black industrial felt with self-guided/free-motion embroidery and melting techniques.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

Looking back, I don't even know what prompted me to come up with a new size in my Stained Glass Fiber series.  Steve and I discussed it.  We talked about the optimal sizes according to available Crystal Clear/anti-reflective, UV filtering glass.  A 48"x 36" pane would cut evenly in half, into two 48" x 18" halves.  With a frame around these halves, the outer dimensions became 50" x 20".  Still, I have no recollection of why I this discussion started but I'm sure glad we decided to "just do it"!  These first four pieces turned out rather well! 

(Above:  A composite photo of all four Large Lancet Windows.)

This new size is similar to my Lancet Windows in that the works are tall and skinny.  Architecturally, lancet windows are the tall, skinny windows found typically in early Gothic cathedrals and churches.  Many of these windows are filled with stained glass.  They got this name because of their size's resemblance to a tall, skinny medieval lance.  Lancet windows are similar to the "arrowslits" in medieval fortresses, window like opening for defending archers (also often called balistraria.) 

(Above:  Detail of Large Lancet I.)

Before the pandemic, I created a Large Stained Glass Window with Turkish inspiration found in Owen Jones' Grammar of Ornament.  I blogged about it HERE, in August 2018. This piece went on to received an honorable mention in an all media juried show and was later sold at the Grovewood Gallery in Asheville.  Even when finishing this earlier, larger piece, I wanted to make another one using similar motifs and the same blue/red/purple/gold/silver palette ... but until now, I never did.  I'm very pleased with this new size and with this "variation" on my Turkish inspiration.

(Above:  Large Lancet I, detail.)

When Steve and I talked about this new size, we opted to attempt four pieces.  Why? Well, cutting a piece of expensive, Crystal Clear/anti-reflective, UV filtering glass is a bit risky.  There's always a chance that the glass won't break perfectly in half despite a nice, good score with a hand-held glass cutter.  The box contains two panes ... so why not attempt four but realize only three (or, God forbid ... two) perfect pieces exist after cutting them. 

(Above:  Detail of Large Lancet Window I.)

Steve cut the two panes perfectly!  So ... I proceeded with all four designs.  Just as they were finally being put into their frames, I got an email from the Grovewood Gallery requesting "new work"!  Happily, these four are going to Asheville this coming Saturday along with half the Window Series pieces I made about a month ago.  It is always a good day when one's gallery requests more artwork! 

(Above:  Detail of Large Lancet II.)

The timing just worked out wonderfully ... but I'm also busy, busy, busy!  Why?  Well, the Grovewood requested a few more from my In Box Series.  I don't have any at the moment, but I'm hard at work stitching them now.  Below are more details from these four, new-sized pieces!

(Above:  Detail of Large Lancet III.)
(Above:  Detail of Large Lancet III.)
(Above:  Detail of Large Lancet IV.)
(Above:  Detail of Large Lancet IV.)
 (Above:  Detail of Large Lancet IV.)


Christine said...

Stunning!! Congratulations on the art request

Ann Scott said...

These pieces are beautiful! So great, but not a surprised, that you have been asked to create more art. I have been wondering - When you teach a class in making these "window" type pieces, do you say anything to your students about selling their piece/s? Thanks.