Tuesday, February 21, 2023

One Woman's Trash Transformed, a workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona

(Above:  One Woman's Trash Transformed, a workshop in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Click on any image in this post to enlarge.)

Going to Scottsdale to conduct a three-day workshop for Marla Hattabaugh was a dream-come-true! Years ago, Marla enlarged her house so that the studio space is big, open to the enclosed yard, has industrial sinks and plenty of tables and chairs, and is perfectly lit by LED lights.  She hosts a couple of private workshops a year and selected me!  The workshop was called One Woman's Trash Transformed and was sold out!  Because I bring everything for everyone (meaning there is no supply list for participants!), I drove to Arizona.  The cross-country trip wasn't bad ... except perhaps for the entire width of Oklahoma.  It rained every mile.  Still, I was eager to get to Scottsdale and very excited to be among so many talented fiber artists.

(Above:  Marla used chalk to mark the entrance to her workshop space!)

Marla used chalk to mark the way for participants to find the entrance to her workshop space.  I felt quite welcome, of course!  On the first day, we cut up sections of a 1973 wallpaper sample book, old artwork, and pages from a mid-19th ledger and made two sizes of greeting cards.  I even brought the appropriate sized cellophane bags and envelopes.  We also started using these same supplies and additional fabric in order to compose pieces for the 8" x 10", 11" x 14", and 16" x 20" pre-cut mats and backing boards.  ClearBags were available for them too.  This very professional presentation of artwork is often the way a fiber artist can get his or her foot into the door of a gallery.  Gallerists might not always understand wall hanging art quilts and other textiles but they generally have a place in a print bin for matted work in cellophane!  We also started selecting objects for a small, Found Object Mandala. 

(Above:  Two participants plotting their stitches!)

On the second day, I introduced the two-step process of stitching a fiber vessel.  Everyone got a chance to zigzag cording and also to stitch a few rows of a finished piece.  Randomly, one person ended up with the fiber vessel.  Since everyone seemed to have a stash of extra yarn, I think more fiber vessels will come into existence since this part of the workshop.  I also brought a selection of old keys.  These were tagged made ready for "top mounting" in the provided 8" x 10" frame.

On the final day, the mandalas were removed from their larger stretcher bars and stapled to the smaller ones and finished.  After lunch, we had "show and tell".  Everyone held up their finished pieces and lots of pictures were taken.  Below are some of the ones I snapped.  Ordinarily, I don't upload so many images ... but lots of the stash I brought for the mandalas was donated by other, really nice people!  I am grateful for their generosity and I know the workshop appreciated it too ... so ... well ... scroll down to see the amazing things made during the three days!


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Bonnie said...

What a fun workshop, I love all that everyone created. I never seen a workshop that the artist supplied all of the items. If you ever do one in or around Arkansas I sure would love to come.