Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Mandala CLXI

(Above:  Mandala CLXI. Custom framed:  12" x 12".  Found objects hand-stitched to a quilt block.  Objects include:  A pink pin container; miniature scissors; a quilt show button; needle threaders; three seam rippers; one miniature tube turner; safety pins; sewing machine bobbins; and buttons.  Click on either image to enlarge.)

Every autumn SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) has an on-line benefit auction featuring 12" x 12" art quilts.  I've donated for several years.  The upcoming dates are September 15 - October 9, 2022.  After having been one of the organization's speakers at their annual conference in Toronto, I wanted to donate something really special ... a miniature Found Object Mandala.  I also wanted it to be a themed piece ... using only objects associated with stitching and quilting.  There's even a quilt show pin inside the pink pin case.  It reads:  Paducah, the location of one of the big quilt shows and the home of the National Quilt Museum.

(Above:  Mandala CLXI in progress.)

Ordinarily, I've used sections of vintage and antique quilts that are beyond repair.  This time, I used a single block that couldn't be very old.  It was given to me by one of my friends from Bill Mishoe's auction.  This lonely block was the only one of its kind.  I could have incorporated it into my new Patchwork Installation but I just couldn't seem to find a way to make it look right among all the older, faded, "less white" scraps.  It was perfect, however, for this little piece.  

Steve built the frame first, making sure the outer dimensions were exactly the required size: 12" x 12".  With a thick, blue crochet thread, I marked the section of the quilt block that would fit into the frame and stitched a button outline.  Then, the other objects were arranged inside and stitched down.  The last thing I did was to add decorative upholstery tacks to the frame's perimeter.  I hope this piece earns SAQA a good sum!


pataksag said...

This is just wonderful! I enjoyed your talk at the conference and especially our conversation in the Toronto airport, hope you come to Wisconsin soon!

Chris Burton said...

Fantastic!! You've inspired me to branch out and get super creative with my own fiber work and I really appreciate it!