Sunday, June 04, 2023

Trip to Wilmington, NC for an invitational fiber show

(Above:  Selfie on the day after the art reception! Click on any image to enlarge.)

Recently I was selected to take part in a national, invitational fiber exhibit curated by Susan Kranyik.  Our correspondence was amazing, fun, and included an undeniable connection that goes beyond fiber and stitch, politics, family dynamics, and even the willingness to be supportive.  Susan instantly understood that the pieces I most wanted to exhibit were ones created during the pandemic that had never been shown outside my blog, social media, and my own studio.  Basically, I wanted to let a few of these works have "their day in the spotlight".  I wanted REAL EYES to see the artwork.

(Above: A photo near the time the reception ended ... including my Cemetery Flags being viewed by one of my longest friends who just happens to live in Wilmington!)

The show is up through June 25 at ArtWorks, an incredible warehouse in which more than sixty artists' studios exist.  The space includes more than one area for temporary exhibitions, a gift shop, offices, and a sales area.  Confluence-Connections, the fiber exhibit, occupied a large, well lit, professional gallery area, and I was so pleased to see my work hanging alongside the works of many friends including Patricia Turner, Richard Lund, Penny Mateer, Beverly Smith, J. Bruce Wilcox, Mary Mazziotti, Michele Jaquis, R'hea Roland-Singer, and Robin Lyn Haller.  I was especially happy to have an opportunity to see Cemetery Flags on the wall.  Let's face it, at just over nine-feet, it needs a very tall wall and this space was perfect.  My other works included The Protector, Lost & Found VI, and Capitals on Blue and Gold

(Above:  Selfie with Steve in the Belvedere/upper attic of the Bellamy Mansion.)

Most of the time, I simply ship my artwork to a venue and include a pre-paid return shipping label.  I don't actually go, but Susan Kranyik's vision, excitement, and overall personality made both Steve and I want to attend the opening reception.  We are so glad we went!  We were able to go to dinner with my one-and-only true friend from elementary/middle/high school.  She happens to live in Wilmington.  We were also able to visit several historic sites in Wilmington.

(Above:  The front of the Bellamy Mansion.)

We really liked the self guided tour of the Bellamy Mansion.  It was like peeking into the lives of an elite family and their slaves during and after the Civil War.

(Above:  A parlor at the Bellamy Mansion.)

For the most part, Steve and I were the only ones in the grand house ...

... admiring the china, silver, gasoliers, faux-marble fireplaces, and period furniture.

(Above:  The parlor at the Burgwin-Wright Mansion.)

We also took a guided tour of the nearby Burgwin-Wright Mansion ... which was like stepping further back in the history of Wilmington ... to pre-Revolutionary days.  On the grounds was a small artisan and arts festival.  We also went to the Farmer's Market, walked the Cape Fear River boardwalk, and had lunch in a great craft brewery.  If possible, Steve and I will return to this charming city instead of having that pre-paid shipping label put on the boxes that brought my artwork there.  Another trip to Wilmington would be great fun!


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Margaret said...

Such an ideal experience -- being part of that exhibit, showing never-before-seen-in-person pieces, and walking back in time at the historical sites. Right up your alley, for sure!