Monday, November 27, 2023

In Box CDXLII for an upcoming Quilt Show national tour!

(Above:  In Box CDXLII.  30" x 30".  Layers of polyester stretch velvet fused together on a substrata for recycled, black industrial felt with self-guided/free-motion machine stitching and unique melting techniques.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

Ordinarily, I don't make my In Box Series pieces quite this square or this wide ... but a couple months ago when asked for a piece for the 2024 Quilt Show tour to various, national venues but with a minimum 30" x 30" size ... well ... I said, "Yes! Of course!"

(Above:  Detail of In Box CDXLII.)

Ordinarily, I frame these works but that's not what The Quilt Show needs.  Thus, this work has four, small rings stitched to the back of four upper edge squares.  When this piece returns ... sometime next year! ... I'll go ahead and frame it.

(Above:  Detail of In Box CDXLII.)

It was fun to work in this large size.  Who knows?  I might develop a large square approach in the coming year!

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