Thursday, November 16, 2023

Patchwork 123, the result of a community crazy quilt activity

(Above:  Detail of Patchwork # 123.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

This piece started as a community crazy quilt activity for ARToberfest at the Bethany Arts Community in Ossining, NY where I enjoyed a two-week art residency.  Though the weather was cool, people came and stitched with me.  Mostly, people added the double layer of buttons.  It was fun.  With me, I had a vintage, pieced quilt top and an antique crazy quilt.  So ... I got to explain my contemporary approach to crazy quilting ... using scraps of old quilts randomly put together on a recycled, black felt substrata.  (CLICK HERE for a blog post about ARToberfest and some of my time at Bethany Arts.)

(Above:  Patchwork # 123.  60 1/2" x 20 1/2".  Scraps of vintage quilts hand stitched together with fabric yo-yos, layers of buttons, and a large piece of Battenburg lace on recycled, black industrial felt ... then upholstery tacked to a black frame over which acid-free mat board was previously glued.)

The piece was designed with two goals in mind.  First, it is part of my Patchwork Installation!  This series (minus this piece, of course) is on view in my solo show at the Imperial Centre in Rocky Mount, NC.  (CLICK HERE for a video!)  I hope to have future opportunities to mount this work.  If (or when!) I do, this new piece will be a focal point from which other work radiates.

(Above:  Patchwork # 123 hanging at Mouse House ... a photo to represent scale!)

This piece is significantly larger than any of the others.  It can hang either vertically or horizontally.  In my mind, I see more than just two smaller pieces coming in contact with it!

(Above:  Detail of Patchwork # 123.)

The other aim was to use the beautiful piece of Battenburg lace that was donated to my stash.  Art quilters including Nancy Roberts came to the artist talk at the College of Central Florida when three of my installations were part of a group show.  They gave me this Battenburg lace, a bunch of tape meant for more Battenburg lace, and more of what was supposed to be part of this lace but still basted to its original patter..  All the fabric tape went into my Cascade Installation which was started at Bethany Arts.  The lace still basted to its pattern was shared during ARToberfest.  I'm very pleased that this never-finished lace has finally a place of honor!


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Ann Scott said...

So beautiful and neat to know other's hands took part in this piece. I'm always amazed by what you achieve layering bits and pieces to end up with a wonder composition. I especially love the use of the lace in this arrangement. As always, I appreciate being able to view your close-up images.