Friday, April 20, 2007

Alex's grades!

We've had an emotional week after learning that Alex was not accepted into the Governor's School for the Arts in their drama program. Hopefully, this is a turning point for him. Hopefully, he has discovered that grades and attitude are actually important. He certainly is bright enough. He certainly can be the most charming young man in any room.

Fortunately, the interim grades just came out. Alex had no Ds or Fs. While this might not be cause for celebration, it is better than most of his other grade cards/interims over the past three years. I warned that even one D would prevent him from escorting his girlfriend to her senior prom. So....they could go. Yet, she doesn't want to go. She didn't attend her junior prom either. She didn't like any of the dozens of dresses she tried. Alex had accompanied her while shopping for a dress to wear for Festival of the Trees last November. They went to every shop in town. As Alex put it, "She's gorgeous and thin and looks great in all the dresses but doesn't like any of them!" He didn't volunteer to help shop this time. They might go bowling instead!

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Anonymous said...

Too bad about Erica and the prom. I wonder what she plans to do after high school? I hope she finds some happiness and self confidence somewhere. She is a sweet girl and needs a sense of self-worth. Can I be one of her cheerleaders?