Monday, April 02, 2007

Bohemian Garden Party: Part Three

Steve and I really enjoyed lurking around the crowd of party-goers. Wine flowed freely into dozens of one-of-a-kind stemware. Finger food, displayed attractively in all all sorts of functional artware, was spread over the covered hot-tub inside. I snapped pictures, but I wasn't the only armed with a digital camera. At least two other guests knew to bring theirs along!

The afternoon seemed suspended between a Hollywood fantasy of a Tolkien-like Renaissance era and the benefits of twenty-first century technology and cleanliness. "How do those air-filtered really work?", I wondered. There is no physical way to dust such a collection!

My eyes darted from vivid azalea blooms to African masks to modern whimsy made with wire. Part of me desires to live in such a place...most of me just wants the opportunity to create this many fine works. All of me is grateful that Bruce and Denise, owners of Bohemian Home, has my African series on display inside their shop. I was honored before, but after seeing their personal collection, I am doubly honored.

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