Monday, April 02, 2007

Bohemian Garden Party: Part Two

Bruce and Denise live in two separate houses, his and hers, on at least two lots of land within the city limits...yet the feel of the place is like an oasis, a romantic setting that clearly allows both to coexist while maintaining separate identities.

While wandering through the two houses, it is clear that both owners possess a keen eye for unique objects, respect for craftsmanship, and admiration for creativity. Still, the two locations also show clear independence. Each is an environment carefully constructed for personal enjoyment, harmony, and freedom of expression--designed specifically for the lone owner.

There is a "middle ground" too, an enormous yard equipped with a hot tub, plant life, and enough room to gaze up on a starlit night. There's plenty of romance; plenty of wide open space.

Both houses are filled to the brim with quality articles and artifacts. These are homes designed to hold art, to live with art, and in which everything is art--down to the silverware, the bathtub accessories, and the door mat. All art; nothing but art. There's years of dedication, love, and connoisseurship at every angle.

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