Monday, April 30, 2007

The Cover of Dancer Magazine

Over the weekend we heard rumors about a dance magazine that included an article with Mathias' image. We subscribe to Dance, Pointe, and Dance Europe. We knew there was nothing in these publications. Yet, Steve went to the USC dancer performance on Saturday night. Too many people told him how nice the picture looked. We were really puzzled and finally did a little Internet research.

Our curiosity was quickly replaced. A moment of shock dissolved into sheer pride. Mathias and Sasha grace the cover of Dancer Magazine! The article seems to be one of those promotional types...perhaps even subsidized by the Kirov Academy. Many of the sentences are extremely promotional...not exactly investigative reporting. Still, it is a cover and he's positively raved over in the article.

Steve and I sent an email and left two messages on the direct telephone line for the magazine but haven't heard a word in response. We'd like to own a copy for ourselves, for my parents, for my grandparents and my sister in Germany. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to purchase these.

Later we realized that this is the weekend of the Youth American Grand Prix in NYC. A year ago Mathias won gold in this competition. It seems so much longer ago than a mere year. Today, however, he was on a plane with the rest of Birmingham Royal Ballet as they started their tour to America. They should have arrived in DC this afternoon and were to be bussed to Norfolk, Virginia for that state's Festival of the Arts.

Mathias has only very minor roles in this week's American show of The Sleeping Beauty. Yet, he is about to have some awesome opportunities. He's second cast in several soloist roles for the company's May and June performances. He'll be dancing quite a lot and with chances to impress...not just to win make a bid for work professionally.

I look at the on-line magazine cover. It is a thrill but it shows a past life. It is fabulous recognition on a day that holds future possibilities. There is at least one parent, likely many more, who might read these sentences and call my take on the situation to be one of ungratefulness or negative thinking. This isn't the case. I am proud. I am thankful that I allowed my son to leave us so early in order to pursue his passion. I am also looking toward my son's future goals, not reliving his past achievements.

Most of all, I am excited to see the early June choreography performances in Birmingham. Alex and I are going. Steve will see the shows in Norfolk and is hoping to go to England to witness some of the other dances in which Mathias has been cast. For now, however, we're happy that there's a magazine with a beautiful, Satanilla cover!

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There is a copy with your name on it at Gotta Dance! -Jessica