Monday, April 30, 2007

Heat Activated Paints and a New Bernina

Over the weekend I had a blast with all the people coming into my studio for Artista Vista and Art Day. Yet, lots of work was accomplished too. I finished the two commissioned, small In Boxes...which really aren't too much smaller than the ones in the current exhibit. The client came by and seemed quite excited too.

In preparation for OPEN STUDIOS this coming weekend, I decided to paint out all the rest of the heat-activated paints I had mixed up a year ago. I painted mostly with my hands and wadded up pieces of paper. I was a mess but there's certainly plenty with which to work! Stephen Chesley, a great painter/my mentor/the artist whose studio is across the hall from mine, took these photos. I will use this paper to demonstrate heat processes this coming weekend.

I also bought a new Bernina 220 today. It is my third. The reason for the purchase is more than a little stupid. I bought a free-motion couching foot that won't fit either my 1630 or 1008. I really see potential in this new foot and the 1630 had to go to the shop for repairs. Also, my sewing center was having a clearance sale. After just over 22 years as a Bernina dealer, the company decided to give the representation to another shop. He wasn't selling enough machines. It is terribly that his remarkable service and repairs didn't count for much. The machine I bought was at a nice discount but for a very sorry reason.

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arlee said...

OH, does that look like fun! Nothing like hands on for pure enjoyment--back to the days of mud puddles.
And one can *never* have too many machines......:}