Monday, April 16, 2007

Good News and Bad News

Well, there's good news and bad news....and plenty of both.
I'm swimming in frame work. That's both good and bad together. It always means a certain level of financial security but it generally means less time in which to create art.

Good news: I finished The Fairy of Gold. I'm more than halfway through The Lilac Fairy. Everything for the upcoming exhibit in Edisto is working out. Janet Kozachek and a friend even dropped by my studio over the weekend.

Bad news: This is the worst. I'm still crying inside. Alex was not accepted into the Governor's School for next year. Sure, he's got loads of talent; but, I'm sure all the applicants had some level of talent. What he's lacking are the grades and the eager attitude to please an academic staff. One out of three isn't good enough. We all hoped that Alex might get this opportunity and use it to turn around his life. This isn't to be. Yet, perhaps this is the "wake up call" he needs to start find a passion and work hard for it.

Good news: I've got an appointment to take Strata II to Barbara Blau's gorgeous office this Wednesday. I've also received a commission for two, new pieces in my In Box series...made to specific measurements.

Bad news: Our neighbor's dog died on Saturday. CJ was the only dog on the block and we liked him quite a lot.

Good news: I've got three pieces of my artwork out on approval with one client. Then, another nice lady took three of the four "Stained Glass" pieces on approval. She called and said she loves them, wants them, plus wants the fourth. The sales is suppose to take place on Tuesday. Also, the gallery curator for Francis Marion University invited me to show work in their fabulous location this coming August through September....she wants the "burnt felt" work.

Bad news: (Not really bad...just a little "scary"!) If the sale of the Stained Glass pieces goes through as planned, I'm desperately short on "burnt felt" work, especially since I have the commission to do beforehand!

Good news: Alex and I saw Tick, Tick Boom at Trustus on Friday night. It was very good as was the USC Dance Company performance that we saw on Saturday night. I'd write more, but....I'm swimming in work!

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Anonymous said...

Your good news is great. WOW, in fact.

Your bad news is not too bad.
Pets still don't seem to live as long as those who love them.
Alex into Governor's School was iffy at best with his grades and attitude about school - it is still a school. His talent will take him in another direction, not yet known to him. Hopefully he will finish school and learn that to finish something he doesn't particularly like is something to be proud of and a learning experience that will help him throughout his journey. We love all of you. Mom