Saturday, May 07, 2011

Back to Work!

(Above: Faith Means, mixed media: collage and image transfer print. Framed: 37 1/2" x 29". Paper: 30" x 22 1/2". Click on image to enlarge.)

After all the excitement of Artista Vista, Runaway Runway, and an unexpected visit from my mother and youngest sister to enjoy last weekend ... I'm back to work!

Steve and I went to Charleston on Wednesday and moved out of Terrace Oaks Antique Mall, a location that through which we've sold antiquarian prints and assorted vintage things pretty much since 1990. This required a Penske rental truck and lots of "elbow grease" but the nature of the business (at least in Charleston) has changed. We weren't losing money but we weren't making much either.

On the return trip we stopped by the North Charleston Arts Festival. Going in the middle of a work week day meant we pretty much had the space to ourselves. One of the attractions is the juried statewide "Palmetto Hands" competition.

The show is always displayed nicely ... with enough pedestals to view the 3D work from all angles.

I was fortunate enough to win one of two "merit awards" ... basically "second place" ... which comes with a great red ribbon and $500 check!


I think, however, my favorite piece in the entire show was Matt Wilson's iBirth. It was well made, conceptually brilliant, and looked great from every direction and even at a distance. The iPhone really blended into the piece. The computer-part leaves really appeared to be growing and alive. Clever. Really great work!

Talking about "work" ... I was back in the studio all week and have finished the piece at the start of this blog post, Faith Means. It is one of two pieces I'm creating for an upcoming exhibition being held at Gallery 80808/Vista Studios. Most of the collaged letters are vintage. The statements were "fill-in-the-blank" answers to questions I posed to Faith (her real name!) when I took the photos. I'm currently stitching another portrait and plan to finish it later today. The official "blurb" from a Facebook event page about the exhibition is:

The art show features portraits, paintings and sculpture by Barbie and Faith Mathis and 20 other well known Columbia area artists. “The Faith Paintings” are a series by Barbie Mathis that celebrate the individuality and creativity of Faith Mathis, an emerging artist who dares to be herself. The show is at Vista Studios/Gallery 80808, 808 Lady Street, Columbia, SC 29201 – Thurs. 5/26 through Mon. 5/31 - Opening Reception 6 - 9 pm on Thurs. 5/26


lynda Howells said...

congrats on your winxxxlynda

Lynn Cohen said...

That is one hell of a second place prize! The ribbon shouts WINNER or best of show to me, and the money prize, zowie! I had no idea!!!
Congratulations. In my eye your stain glass like pieces do deserve BEST OF SHOW!!! And then what $1000 or more? YES!!!

Wanda said...

Thanks for the picture of the window with the ribbon! That's one big ribbon and well deserved. I think I'm kind of sad about Terrance Oaks...It's been a part of "our" lives for so long. But, like you said, things move on. Looking forward to seeing your ideas come to life in a fabulous way as spring moves into summer!