Saturday, October 27, 2018

I Bought All the Wonder Under and Lunette XXXIV

 (Above:  Lunette XXXIV.  Framed:  22" x 28".  $495.  Click on any image to enlarge.)

This is the last piece finished before going to the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show next week.  My husband Steve and I will pack our cargo van on Monday afternoon, leave early Tuesday, move into booth 119 on Wednesday, and hopefully have a great experience through Sunday.  I'm both nervous and excited!

 (Above:  Wonder Under aka Pellon's 805 fusible.)

With all the work I've been making recently, I ran out of Pellon's 805 Wonder Under.  I went to Joann Fabrics last weekend with two 50% off coupons only to discover that the product I needed was already on sale for 30% off.  My coupons were not valid on items already on sale.  The sale on all Pellon products runs through Halloween, but I had a coupon for 20% off items that were already on sale.  That 20% off coupon started on Thursday.  So, on Thursday I returned to Joann Fabrics and bought every yard in stock ... all of it!  On Thursday, thread was also on sale for 30% and my coupon applied to that item too.  So for the weekend, my local Joann Fabrics shop has no Wonder Under and no 100% black cotton thread.

(Above:  New stash of polyester stretch velvets ordered from Spandex World.)

Why did I buy all the Wonder Under?  Well, I'd just received my order from Spandex World for a new stash of polyester stretch velvet.  The minimum amount of each selection is one yard.  The fabric is 60" in width.  The Wonder Under is only seventeen inches in width.  By the time I iron the Wonder Under to the reverse of all this fabric, I'll have run out again!  I hope there's another Joann Fabric coupon after I return from Philadelphia! 

Wait a minute!  There's always another coupon.  But, will it be the "right one"?  Who knows? Honestly, I hate coupons.  I wish Joann believed in charging a fair price every day instead of forcing me to play the coupon game.  At least I will be stocked for new work.  I'll be turning my attention to a new project that will need all the "stuff".  Can't wait.  The excitement makes the coupon game almost tolerable.


Margaret said...

LOL! I just love the thought of that big retailer's being out of black thread and WU for an entire weekend. ;-)

Kim in ND said...

Why don't you just buy wholesale? You would have no trouble meeting the minimum order, and you do re-sell the stuff (after it's made into art.)

You just need a state tax ID number.