Saturday, January 08, 2022

Catching UP: Round Six, Seven new Relics

(Above:  Relic CCXLVI. Framed: 13 1/2" x 11 3/4". Layers of polyester stretch velvet fused to a piece of cotton upholstery material with scraps of chiffon scarves.  A soldering iron makes indentations in the synthetic material. Each piece is then hand-stitched with assorted threads and beads.  Each piece is  $100 plus SC sales tax and shipping. Click on any image to enlarge.)

This is the last post for today!  With it, I'm finally caught up on my blogging!  I created these pieces in order to enjoy over New Year's Day ... a Saturday ... and on the Sunday thereafter.  Why?  Well, I knew that I would want to spend those days watching the Rose Bowl Parade and football games.  Thankfully, the Ohio State Buckeyes won.

(Above:  Relic CCXLVIII.  Framed: 12 1/2" x 11 1/2".)

So ... in order to be productive even while watching television, I prepared these seven pieces.  Three factors were involved in the decision of "what to stitch".  First, I am almost out of other, previously stitched "Relics".  Generally, I don't make one of these pieces unless I'm conducting my HOT workshop.  These pieces are the results of my demonstrations.  I figure that if I'm demonstrating as a "professional artist", I'd better not just be making another "sample" but making ART, a piece worth finishing, framing, and writing into my inventory book.  It is the best way to encourage workshop participants to finish, frame, and take their own creations seriously.  Generally, I bring several examples with me.  All of them are priced low, just $100 ... including the frame.  Many participants seem to want to own one of my pieces and this provides an affordable work to those who have already paid to be in the workshop.  Of course, I haven't had a workshop since 2019 due to the pandemic.  Yet, almost all of my examples were sold here in my frame shop or at local sidewalk sales.  That's a slight problem!


(Above:  Relic CCXLIX.  Framed 13 1/2" x 11 3/4".)

I'm hoping that my June 2022 workshop at QSDS (Quilt and Surface Design Symposium) in Columbus, Ohio fills.  I love teaching this five-day workshop.  If it does, I'll need these examples.  They are so much fun to make and they are the perfect lead into my melting techniques.  Everyone in all of my workshops finishes at least two pieces.  Most finish several more. 

(Above:  The seven pieces still stapled to small stretcher bars.)

The second reason for stitching these pieces has everything to do with a very generous friend who has contributed lots and lots of her mother's fabric to my stash.  She knows that these material are headed for "workshop supplies".  (Yes ... I bring EVERYTHING needed for everyone in my workshops.  The only item on the supply list for participants to bring is their own scissors.  Oh ... I bring scissors too, but mine aren't necessarily very sharp!)  With no workshop scheduled since 2019, I felt sort of bad about the seriously large amount of fabric my friend was donating.  I wanted to let her know that some of it was definitely being used.  Every one of these Relics was created on fabric she gave me.  By the time I finish one of these pieces, the original upholstery material isn't distinguishable.  So, I took the photo above so that the edges (which are under the mat board) show the transition from one design to my design.

Above:  Relic CCL.  Framed: 13" x 11".)

Finally, the last reason for making these seven pieces was about the frames.  I bought them for "next to nothing" at my local auction house.  None are absolutely perfect but I really like the "finished corners" on them.  I also knew that the interior depth would accommodate my mat, wooden fillet inlay, and the space needed to prevent the beads from touching the glass.  Each piece was designed carefully to fit each frame.  (Yes ... I cover this approach in my workshops too.  I even provide standard 8" x 10" mats with pre-cut openings!)

(Above:  Relic CCLI.  Framed: 13 1/2" x 11 3/4".)

So now I'm ready for June's workshop.  If, however, I sell these before the workshop, I'll simply make more!  Obviously, I can find an excuse for watching television! LOL!

(Above: Relic CCLII. Framed: 13" x 11".)
(Above:  Relic CCLIII. Framed: 12 1/2" x 11 1/2".)


Jan R said...

You have been very busy. Love your relics.

Susan said...

Trying to convince my husband to take a trip to Ohio in June. I doubt if it will happen but a girl can dream!

Jan R said...

Hopefully you can convince him to go with you to the QSDS in Columbus. There should be a few places he would enjoy visiting while you are teaching since you went to "That University". Sorry, but couldn't pass that one up since I went to U of Michigan.

Susan Lenz said...

Jan ... I just wrote to the other Susan with ideas for her husband. As for my husband, he has his fingers crossed for workshop participation because he wants to return to Columbus. The last time I taught for QSDS (pre-COVID), Steve did come. He rented one of those bicycles that are available to tourists for either hours or a full day. He had a total blast. Plus, the Columbus Arts Festival was going on that weekend ... and it will be happening again while I'm teaching. He had a wonderful time there too. As for you ... someone who went to "that university up north", think about attending too! The scarlet and gray people are really quite nice! LOL!