Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Organization, thoughts and travels

Today I'm headed to Charleston. I've got to meet with Leonard Long in order to drop off a few framed pieces and select presentations for two oil paintings by McCullough, a new acquistion and an old one in a tired looking, cheap frame that he's had for well over fifteen years.

I'm also going by Terrace Oaks Antique Mall on James Island in order to restock our merchandise. I'm bringing three reproduction Audubon prints (our best sellers, of course, though not antiques), a set of twelve mid 19th century fish from the US Railroad surveys, a set of seven nicely colored early 19th century birds, and a set of three other antique birds. I wish the antiques sold as well as the reproductions, but they don't.

Then, I'm going by Janet Kozachek's home/studio in Orangeburg. To be honest, I'm more than a little scared. I'm feeling overwhelmed artistically; inferior in training, experience, intelligence, and both quality and quantity of work. Janet would probably laugh about this. She really isn't a scary person at all. She's only ever been complimentary and nice. Still, I have her up on some lofty pedestal. I can't believe she's willing to share a show with me, with my work.

I've got a hour and a half drive in order to organize my thoughts for these three very different tasks. For Leonard (who also scares me to death!), I've got to try to be quietly creative, business-like, unique, and efficient. I've got to instantly come up with a framing option for a painting I've never seen. He must like it and I must be able to succinctly say why that choice is a good one while letting on that it was his idea to begin with and is simply due to his good taste in art. Fortunately, he has good taste.

For Terrace Oaks, I've got to rehang pictures quickly while not interferring with the daily business activities of the mall. I have to do with while chatting with clients, refusing framing work, and being very, very nice to people, some of whom dislike me.

For Janet, I'm not sure what I've got to do. Probably, I've got to try and be myself, whoever that is! I'll be on a tight schedule. We've got to try and photograph some of our work together for an exhibition card. I've got to organize myself, thoughts and travel plans!

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You sound very busy.