Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Pointe Mosaic and Sampler

These are photos of two recent works. One is Pointe Mosaic. I created it by deconstructing a pair of $5 sale, very small pointe shoes donated by a local dancewear shop. With GAC 400 and paint, I created the small ocher and terracotta "pieces" and then adhered them to a previously painted wooden panel. Beads and found objects completed the piece. It is headed for a charity fundraiser benefitting Columbia Classical Ballet. That event is scheduled for Sunday, September 17 at Leaside here in Columbia.

The other piece is Sampler. I stitched it on white linen with red perle cotton. It was designed for the Open Eyes 2006 exhibition. Open Eyes is a group formed to support women's triumphs over staggering odds. The inspiration of this year's show is the work of the local Women's Shelter and the courage of those crossing its threshold. The exhibit is scheduled for October 19-31, 2006 at Gallery 80808, 808 Lady Street in Columbia, SC's downtown Vista area. Sampler and American Dream are the pieces I'm submitting to this invitational show.

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