Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Angelique Ward's Arts and Crafts Inspired Attire

Most of the Knitting and Stitching Show in Birmingham was dedicated to vendor booths set up in long aisles. The array of merchandise went from handspun and hand-dyed wools to glitter by the scoopful. I was overwhelmed by the beautiful and entertained by the tacky.

Another area of the trade show was mainly exhibition related. Larger spaces showed examples from an international batik group, various fiber artists selling their work, and a focal display of Barbara Lee Smith's recent wall hanging pieces called "Mapping the Mysteries".

I will write about many of these areas individually. I will try to post some photos; but, like normal, I'm having problems getting the images onto the posting screen. Currently, I've managed just this one: Angelique Ward's Arts and Crafts inspired attire. It was part of the Knitted Textile Student Awards. This was one of the few artistic areas permitting photography. I have other images and will try to post them later. I found the graduate student work quite amazing. Each was presented with a title, a statement, and generally a few photos of the garment on a model.

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