Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Going in Six Different Directions!

I guess it is fitting that I'm a fiber artist. The "threads" of my life seem to be unraveling in six different directions. Or, maybe they aren't coming undone at all. Maybe, I'm just "knitting" from six different spools!

I managed to reach John R. Maxim, the author of the suspense novel "Mosaic" which I just completed altering. He and his wife live in Hilton Head. He actually agreed to sign my artwork/his novel without hesitation, without having to view the images I posted on the other blog (some sideways, but definitely visible!) He even volunteered to meet us at the bar where the Ohio State fans meet to watch football games together.

I also got a nice mylar (or cellophane?) wrapper for the altered dustjacket. Pat Mason, owner of Dr. Books in Five Points ( just gave it to me. They have a most wonderful Siamese "shop cat", almost as grand as our Shadow!

I am nearly ready for my workshop and keynote address for the SC Arts Educators Conference in Greenville. I haven't actually heard from these people for the past two weeks. It does sort of worry me. I even dreamed about it last night. The van is mostly packed.

Terrace Oaks Antique Mall called to say that we sold several large pieces, enough that we really need to bring more merchandise. So now it looks like I'll head to Greenville, return to Columbia just long enough to unpack the workshop supplies and pack the pictures, and head on later in the day to Hilton Head. Steve will take Alex in his car. I will stay Sunday night with my parents and then go directly to Terrace Oaks in Charleston. In the meantime, I'm framing the large pictures in among the rest of the work.

Chris Gomez of Ironstone Vineyard in California did write back. I will definitely have a solo show there! It will be from January 1 through Sunday, February 25th. I am so very, very excited. The show is being called "Fiber Architecture: Building in Stitches". It is exactly what I was hoping for, including the possibility of a reception, if I can attend. Steve is already looking into flights.

The posted images on the Altered Book site have received plenty of nice compliments. It has nice to share with others the information about Sheer Heaven papers. I learned about this amazing product from their site. Like any group of this nature, there is just too much information for one to absorb. Sometimes, repeating it helps!

So, before the Archeology Project and the Architecture series in January, I am showing in the Open Eyes exhibition, Vista Lights, and having a solo show of the African pieces. This is really quite a lot, but it is wonderful!

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MysteryKnitter said...

You sure have your hands full of work!