Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Keynote Address and Hilton Head

My ketnote address as the "featured artist" for the SC Arts Educators' Conference went rather well, if I can say so myself. I loaded all my slides perfectly upright and absolutely backwards the first time. Fortunately, I allowed plenty of time before actually going infront of the several hundred participants. I reloaded them!

After talking non-stop (as humorously as I could!) for fifty minutes, I said "thank you" one more time. My messages were these: 1) Thank you to all teachers and 2) "Practice What You Teach". Then I headed back to Columbia.

I unloaded all my workshop supplies and loaded the van with merchandise for Terrace Oaks Antique mall in Charleston. Then Steve and I caravaned to my parent's time share in Hilton Head.

Over the weekend I spotted three dolphins, collected dozens of shells, shot hundreds of digital images, saw "West Side Story" and an art show, visited with my parents, cheered OSU on to another victory and had my recently finished altered book, Mosaic, signed by its author, John R. Maxim.

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