Monday, October 09, 2006

Life Everlasting, an altered book

Okay, I am at a total loss for words! Six images managed (one at a time) to pop up into the composition screen perfectly! I guess this is fitting. The title of this altered book is Life Everlasting.

I really shouldn't have created it because the paper is too brittle and the book was too fragile. I just couldn't resist. I used Sheer Heaven paper to transfer my digital images. The gravestones, churches, and pictures are from Washington, DC; Moscow; Varna, Bulgaria; Wolf Creek, West Virginia; and Birmingham, England. I am truly thrilled with the process.

Some of the pages from the book were removed (or fell out). I'm creating individual pieces from these. In truth, the individual pieces are are better use for the pages. I wish I'd done this instead of trying to make a full, altered book. Of well, the lesson has been learned and the experiment with the Sheer Heaven paper was a total success.

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