Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ohio State beats Michigan State

Mangiamos is a really nice bar/deli-styled restaurant on Hilton Head Island. The decor, however, isn't the expected "Italian" that the name implies. It is totally done in scarlet and gray. Ohio State pendants, signs, flags, and sports photos hang on just about every square inch of wall space. Televisions are mounted in every corner and turned to the Buckeye game. Kick-off was at 3:30 but we knew to arrive by 2:15 in order to secure a table. The food was great; the service was friendly (all staff dressed in OSU football jerseys!); and the crowd all supported the team. The game was a slaughter. Perhaps a few Michigan State players were even considered for "best players" on the Ohio State team. They did almost nothing right. We could hardly do anything wrong. As a result, we had a great time until ABC decided to switch coverage to another, non-blow-out, game. The Mangiamo owner was immediately on the telephone to the cable stations demanding coverage. Amazingly, we soon were able to watch the final quarter where MSU finally scored against the OSU third string team (or maybe the student walk-on section). The photos are of the interior and two of the local fans.

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