Thursday, October 19, 2006


This past Tuesday night I had a computer lesson with Eileen Blyth. She is teaching me how to change the images on the Vista Studios website. ( I've learned about htmls and using Notepad and uploading information.....and success! I've managed to change many of the images, thumbnails, and the accompanying labels for these pictures! Next, I'm going to learn to change the images for the other artists in the group. I can hardly wait. The feeling of accomplishment is hilarously strong when the correct photo with the proper words pops up on the computer screen.

In the meanwhile, unraveling the mysteries of the Internet are not the only things being sorted. The picture here is of my mother and the incredible tangle of threads that were my "teaching" supply. Over the weekend, she and I chased the ends of yarn and freed all sorts of embroidery floss. I used most of the zip-lock bags in a box of one hundred to store the newly claimed threads!

Now, there's just a small plastic bag of impossible sewing thread all in a tight bundle. I have decided to make something of this mess. Likely, I'm going to use water soluble fabric and try to create a solid piece of material--fabric made of 100% thread.

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