Sunday, November 26, 2006

Archeology Project: Spools as miniature, semi-figurative "relics"

Spools. Wooden spools. Lots of them. Some came from my grandmother's sewing box, some came from sewing supplies bought at yard sales and auctions. Some came from thrift shops. I painted them, half one color and half another. I cut out images of heads and eyeballs for both ends in order to lend them a figurative quality. Assorted yarns and threads were wound around each. Most of these fibers were those unraveled by my mother while we were in Hilton Head, a leftover tangle used as public school teaching supplies. I button-hole stitched into the twirl of yarn. On some I added French knots and on others I added chain stitches. I used lots of metallic blending thread too. I never use this thin thread anymore but I had plenty of it from over a decade ago when I did some cross stitch (yuck!) I'm considering these spools as relics from an imaginary civilization. Currently, I'm using the same techniques on a box of semi-rusted, large nuts and bolts I found in a back room at Hiller Hardware before they moved. Steve is calling them "little Chinese men" or strange pawns for a chess set. Pictures of these to come!

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Anonymous said...

I have lots of DMC thread if you ever need it for your thimbles....:) ha ha