Friday, November 24, 2006

Calligraphy Series

This morning I am able to upload some of the images from the Calligraphy Series. There are a total of sixteen. Janet Kozachek carved the stamps, wrote the calligraphy, and mounted the thin oriental paper onto another thin sheet of paper. (There's a term for this. I really don't understand it but Janet learned this while working as an apprentice to a family of artisans who mounted scrolls in China.) Anyway, Janet gave me these pieces for my artwork. I collected up things from here, including a broken piece of pottery that my parents brought back from Greece, for her artwork. I also gave her several loose pages from Tableavx dv Temple des Mvses dating to 1655. I had applied gesso to one side, making the pages ready for all sorts of painting. I can hardly wait to see what she's creating. I'm quite pleased with this series. The best part is I still have more things from Janet!

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