Monday, November 06, 2006

Greenville Open Studios
The link above is the one for Greenville Open Studios. Steve and I spent Saturday night in Charlotte and drove through the autumn colors to Greenville on Sunday morning. We arrived at the magnificent home/studio of Linda McCune just as the day of studio touring was beginning. Linda McCune's studio is a wonder to behold. Artists of her caliber sometime overwhelm me. The depth of their knowledge, the steadfastness of their work ethic, the quality of their craft, and the sheer power of their work are awesome. I felt as if I were standing in a sacred place of creativity.

The Art Bomb cooperative is more than I dare hope for Vista Studios. It is rightfully a non-profit organization and a place of vivid color, pulsating energy, and high productivity. Entering each studio was an adventure. The other, newer cooperative space has promise too. We went to all the other studios in the West End art district of town and also to the Metropolitan Art Council office. There a 12" x 12" (x 12") piece by each of the participating 80 artists was nicely on display.

I hope the upcoming Open Studio planned for Columbia is at least half as well done and nice!

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